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UT2004 at COMDEX

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    I really am not doubting that the game is cool and all, but who can really upgrade their system to that kind of rig affordably.

    I mean:

    Athlon 64 FX: $733.00
    2 120GB SATA Barracudas: 2 @ $111.00 -- $222.00
    256MB NVidia GeForce FX 5950: $418.00
    Total: $1373.00

    That also doesn't include the new mobo tha would be required to use the SATA drives and the 64-bit processor, nor does it include RAM.

    I just hope it runs nicely on something only half-decent that people can actually afford. For example, my crappy box with:

    Pentum 4 2666MHz
    120GB HDD (not certain of brand, it's factory)
    128MB NVidia GeForce 4 MX440 (that's definitely the next uprgade)
    512 MB PC2100 RAM

    I just hope that UT2k4 has been "optimized" and really is "20% faster," so that I can actually experience it the way it was designed without turning off all of the details. (Actually, I just deal with all the **** and play at about 40 FPS with details on and 1280 x 1024 resolution.)

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  • started a topic UT2004 at COMDEX

    UT2004 at COMDEX

    Well folks, I was able to play the FULL VERSION of UT2004 at the NVidia booth during COMDEX here in Vegas. To say the game does justice to the series is, well, clearly an understatement. I played it on an Alienware Athlon 64 FX featuring a Serial ATA RAID (two 120GB Barracudas) and an FX 5950 256MB NVidia video card. To say the game ran smoothly and looked beautiful, again, is an understatement. NVidia even had it displayed on a 60 inch plasma connected to the machine I played on and that view was breathtaking. (Personally, I would have preferred the Radeon 9800 Pro 256MB, but the NVidia did the game justice.)

    The vehicles are a blast to drive, or fly, and you actually need to use them to traverse the huge Onslaught maps. Some of the weapons have been tweaked. They did bring back the Sniper Rifle. One thing I did not like was that in Normal Weapons, the default weapon is now the Impact/Shield Gun. I guess you can change that according to personal preference.

    There are truly a tonnage of maps, new and old, available. I just cannot say this enough, the view was breathtaking! If you are gonna upgrade your machine, do it before UT2004 is released. You can thank me later.

    I did not get any pics. I thought my bro brought his camera, but the dope left it in the car. HE was supposed to take the pictures. I had a blast playing the game there. My brother got tired of watching me and several others playing UT2004. I think he was hungry and wanted to get some dinner. Me? I was blissfully involved in the game.

    Did I mention the view was breathtaking?