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Pentium M vs. P4

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    I should also add that NO laptop is good to play games on. Think about it. It's a completely proprietary system (except for RAM and hard drive) that if you bought today, probably wouldn't be able to play Envy when it comes out or even any game that comes out in the next year. Laptops IMO are made for word processing, coding, etc.... basically anything that doesn't involve 3D acceleration and you might need to do away from a desktop. For example, I take my laptop to class... so I can take the stack of bound notebooks I have and throw them in the trash. I also like my laptop because it allows me to get out of the dungeon-like confines of my apartment and use it outside. In the end its your decision, but honestly, if your concerned about games build yourself a nice desktop and get a cheap laptop (i.e. the HP DV1000/DV4000 are only $749 base price with everything the Inspiron 9300 has except the video card...HP even gives you the option for a remote control and software to play DVDs/MP3s without booting into an OS. So Dell is charging you out of your *** for a freaking video card). I can say this from experience, since I bought an Inspiron 9300 thinking that "it would be awesome to play games on this beast"... but in actuality, after I saw the hazing on the screen and the size of the system, I said screw this and dumped it on my sister who needs a desktop replacement anyway but doesn't play games. I found myself playing games much more on my desktop. Not to mention the crappy keyboards laptops have... not game friendly at all.

    Just my 2 cents.


      If you want to play games on a laptop I'd be more worried about the video card then anything. Sure a fast p-m is slightly quicker then a p4 but 6800go graphics blow away 6200go ones. Most laptops come with integrated graphics which have trouble doing anything.
      Also be careful of screen res - many widescreen laptops run at 1920 * 1200. That's a very high res - you'll need a very good graphics card to run games comfortably at that sort of res.