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How to force Arclite model?

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    How to force Arclite model?

    Can you guys tell me how to force the Arclite or Cannonball models? Is it actually possible?

    I play on TTM servers only, and use TTM to force Gorge model, however my reason for wanting to force Arclite or Cannonball is that their heads are clearer making headshots easier, theoretically. The Gorge model has a hood thing surrounding is head which makes it harder to identify head from armour.

    Thanks. :up:

    isnt there an option in the user ini for for default models,(normally set to no) and then under it a space for the name (dfault is gorge, so you can probably substitute anyone else in there, but i am not sure which file it references for the names, so for custom models you might have a problem)


      In User.ini -


      That's what I have it set to - only certain models can be used. That alone will set your default character - as in, if you see someone for whom you don't have their skin.

      To force the model on everybody, you have to edit another setting. Hell if I know what.