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Mutator 'NOSTALGIC' released

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    Mutator 'NOSTALGIC' released

    Can some players enter my server ,i want to know if
    the country lookup database is working proper now.
    ut2004 full

    Ok first players were found en tagged corectly by database
    anyone else???

    For those who have been screaming to have a more UT99 feal. (lol)

    Report bugs to
    Have fun ,bye

    Awesome thanks Nut!


      Great work nUT!

      Few things I noticed:
      The Rocket Launcher doesn't have a Spiral firemode
      Double Enforcers still seems to have the occosional misfire (one Enforcer not firing)

      Tilt the Enforcers 90 degrees sideways (gangsta style) on the secondary fire or, even better, replace the Assault Rifle model with a proper Enforcer one. IIRC your first version of Nostalgic even had that.


        4 more things:

        - When the Boots of Jumping have drained they still fire in a dodge-jump
        - Could you please disable the Announcer defaulting to the Classic one? Most Anti-TCC servers kick you for having a custom voicepack loaded (btw isn't there a Classic UT announcer already in the game?)
        - When dodging I get a slight 'hiccup' kinda effect, in other worde, warping a bit.
        - The playermodel is indeed larger, but your enemies aren't, creating the following effect:

        Is this intentional because of balance issues?


          The Classic voice pack that comes with Ut2004 is the
          announcer of 2003 (epic concidders that as'Classic')

          Only the bots you play against are the normal default size
          (couldnt fix some probs i had when bots are also bigger)
          But other players (real humans) are also as big as you are,
          so that is plus 30 %.(offline/online)

          Only things left to do in next version:

          Better "playereffect" voor the shieldbelt.
          Spiral mode for the rocketlauncher.
          Ability to swich the announcer.
          Enforcers that came with the previous version
          (seperated mod not done by me).
          generated lots of errors and was not acurate in
          damage,spread and other things,the enforcer that
          comes in this mutator is 100% accurate in damage,spread
          firingspeed,but indeed the double version needs some
          extra attension.
          (I was aware of all things mentioned above)
          The warping is intensional to smooth things up abit,
          but will look in it again.

          Soon i will release a version in wich everything is
          scaleble,meaning players,pickups,weapons(in fact everything)
          just for fun

          Thats it for now


            just wondering:
            with the model size changes, are the hitbox sizes changed too?



              Ut2004 has a built-in 'Classic UT' announcer, which is NOT the UT2003 voicepack.


                latest version nostalgic_2d


                  nUTcase: If you dont mind, i'll make a thread about this in full releases, when the final version is out.


                    Originally posted by Da Spadger
                    nUTcase: If you dont mind, i'll make a thread about this in full releases, when the final version is out.
                    I think he is more then capable of doing it himself, he did make this one.


                      but he didn't LOL

                      Are you going to fix the bug that changes the announcer? Everyone who played on our server the other day was *****ing about it. You go to other gametypes, ie CTF and you can't hear any of the announcements or noises when the flag is taken. Easy fix (change to your normal announcer then restart the game) but it's still annoying for people.


                        Aaaaanyway, here's feedback for nUT.

                        The hammer is a bit too shiny, you might tone that down a bit.
                        No sound is played when firing your last rocket with the RL.
                        The trick to fire all rockets in one big cluster (You did it in UT99 by loading up rockets and holding secondary fire.) doesn't work.
                        The HUD bug i mentioned earlier is still occuring. (Screenshot)
                        Where's the option for the alternate Enforcer? :bulb:


                          Originally posted by [NBS]Flak
                          but he didn't LOL
                          Ok correction.

                          I think he is more then capable of doing it himself; it’s not exactly rocket science.


                            I have tryed all resolution from < =1600-1200
                            and seen no errors at all in the hud.
                            Please remove all files that comes with the mutator from system
                            and cache folder,a install again.

                            I will now work on the announcer and rocketspiral



                              Done that, changed resolution, from 320x240 to 1280x1024, the error keeps happen at any resolution.

                              HUD at 90% scaling
                              HUD at 100% scaling (Shows properly)
                              HUD at 50% scaling

                              As you see, the numbers gets more off, the more scaled down the HUD is. Hope that helps.