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What do you do to avoid spider mines?

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    k... I've seen Link/Mini/Shock as recommended
    Why not just lead them around until they get into a nice group, gain a bit of distance and drop a flak shell on their little heads


      I find spiders very easy to dodge, and the rare times I need to kill them, I use flack balls or shock cores.


        Kill the player that layed them. Then they blow up


          spider mines are useless against good players...they just dodge on and on and on....even when using laser to track him


            Re: Re: What do you do to avoid spider mines?

            Originally posted by Reddragon
            The best way to avoid spider mines is to stop playing ONS...

            There are NO spidermines in the decent ONS map* we got from EPIC.

            *)Yes it is only one good map...


              There is nothing cheap about spidermines if they use them to defend nodes etc. but its cheap when usualy noobs use it to attack other players but mostly these guys are easy to kill so i don't mind them using them.They might be cheap to use but not to dodge.The' best way is flak seccondary as it is the best for almost everything in the grenades range.


                Originally posted by fuegerstef
                There are NO spidermines in the decent ONS map* we got from EPIC.

                *)Yes it is only one good map...
                Well actually spider mines can be a great addition to a map when properly placed. Otherwise they're more or less spam. Primeval comes to mind.


                  Eh, I rarely find myself chased by the mines. If they use them defensively, you climb up a hill and shoot the mines with a shock rifle before you go down there. If they use it offensively, they're being stupid and they make a perfectly easy target for link, shock, or flaking, depending on how far away he is.

                  But when I do run into them, I usually use the flak secondary. It's not as effective as link or shock secondary, I'll admit, but it's far easier to aim because of the splash damage.

                  My steps to success: (but also death every once in a while..)

                  1. Run
                  2. Wait until you hear the mine is getting close to jumping on you
                  3. Jump, turn 180 degrees to face the mine
                  4. Dodge jump backwards (away from the mine)
                  5. Use flak cannon secondary.

                  But, with a little practise, I find you can almost jump right over the mines if you're on a bit higher ground than they are, so jumping over top of them gains you some good time. Wall dodging works equally well.