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    I'm not trying to defend Mr thread starter here but just to clarify a few things...

    135% speed makes the beam very fast and all you need is to press the fire button and never release it.

    Now that's just exaggerating! Holding the fire button in those settings doesn't get you very far. Maybe in something like zark tho' or excessive overkill.

    If you try to insist on this kind of gameplay then you're not helping the instagibs community at all. You're just starting a new type of one...

    You've been here longer than i have - about 2 months, and i'm pretty sure you know the 135/35 lgi (or whatever the abbreviation is) community existed back when you and i joined INA, long before [2] had formed if memory serves me right (I don't recall seeing any of them during 2k3). No community is being created here, i was playing barn day in day out back then, it's no different now, they stilll are.

    But anyway, i'm long done with low grav now, YUECH!


      Ickle, by pressing the button I mean they fire too many random shots and because of the speed 1 or 2 is going to actualy hit someone. I once specced one of the top scorers on a match and I noticed the amount of shots required to get 1 single frag. Maybe I exagerated on the expression
      I'm a guy with a very high efficiency. I may not top score but I only shoot when I'm sure I'll hit. that's why on a 1vs1 match I may look like I'm using an aimbot. That doesn't mean I'll win but my fire/hit ratio is very good.

      135/35 LGI exists since the game was created, lol. As a community I'm not very sure, I never had to play it because back in UT2003 I could pick a normal instagibs server almost anywhere. In UT2004 I had to go to CTF (not my gametype) and then LGI (lack of normal servers). So if I want to play I'm stuck to this.

      I didn't know Barn back then (altough there's even a 2003 version) maybe because I wouldn't play on those servers.


        Yes the speed from the gun is faster....
        But the movements are also faster.... so what's the problem.

        Maybe the spam killing? I can only imaging that as a problem yes!
        But when we create a team with clanleaders it's maybe possible to create a spamdetection?

        Those things are open for a discussion.
        And THAT discussion is a nice example what i did want to start with Clanresource.

        Anyway nice to see ya here on the forum and see that you're thinking about us :heart:


          Hey [2]Bad sWs»Avalanche here . Geez stop giving bad all this greef he is trying to save the LGi community:up: :up: :heart:


            Originally posted by [2]BaD
            Yes the speed from the gun is faster....
            But the movements are also faster.... so what's the problem.
            The problem is it's too fast for someone that doesn't have below 50 ping. Let me explain. When the opponent moves that fast we need to react faster. Nothing new here. However with let's say 80 ping we are not seeing the opponent where it really is. For better accuracy we need even lower ping.
            The game can't show me all the opponent positions fast enough (because of the delay) so what happens is that he dodges and suddenly disappears from screen (intermediate position is skipped). Other things happen like I get shot from a beam that doesn't hit me and goes by my side instead.
            All this looks like lag but 80 ping isn't lag at all. I've played smoothly with 200 ping before. It's the 135% speed that exagerates this effect (at least for me).

            You could stop a bit the spam killing by 2 things: using spawn protection and avoiding boxed maps. Unfortunently this doesn't work as the majority of players hate the spawn protection and prefer easy frags. They hate to aim ahead (not because of lag) and they don't time their shots at all.
            Of course I'm not saying they're all noobs it's just that this type of game doesn't require much skill to frag (that's why most people like it).

            I don't play for sport or money and I don't agree with clans. I hate competitions, it's just a game. Therefore teams do not join players, they group them and divide. My opinion of course.

            For the time being UT2004 is not worth it unless there's more fairness in the game. As you know that's not going to happen anyway...

            And stop spamming the forum. This is the worst place to talk about the game