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whats the point of making ut2004 more like ut99?

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    Re: whats the point of making ut2004 more like ut99?

    Originally posted by Kurosama
    Okay I have been reading these threads about enforcer mutators and ut99 maps, but whats the point if you liked ut99 play ut99 not 2004 for they are different games. Epic's goalwas to make a different game wiyth a different feel to it, not to make make all their games lookalmost the same that would be very smart now would it? And i keep seeing all sorts of userswhining about how ut2004 should have so and so more like ut99... well if you dont like ut2004 play ut99 then doesnt that make sense?

    It's a loooooooong story dude that started with UT2003. Most sequals are upgrades that stick to the same old tested and proven gameplay with updated graphics, maps, and other stuff. For ex. Quake 1 and 2, Descent 1 and 2, CS and CS:Source(as far as i heard). Even quake 4 is planed to have quake 3 style multiplayer gameplay.

    What Epic did is come out with a whole new game, which is what we can expect with UT2007. When UT2003 came out it was a dissapointment to those expecting an upgrade unstead of a new game. By now we all know that Epic's sequals are going to be totaly new games unstead of remakes/updates so there should be no disapointments this time around.