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ONS Elite HellBender wanted for TWL clan

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    Originally posted by [NBS]Flak
    I love playing 3rd seat in the hellbender. I'm not the most accurate but they are some **** gratifying kills, watching people just disintegrate.
    [NBS]Flak is one very violent lady. :bulb:


      Originally posted by Trailboss3
      I still want my Plush Seat covers and a cup holder for my Bender
      Hell, yeah. Plush seat covers rule!:up:


        Originally posted by «ßîc»$l@c|<er
        I played against him in a vctf match, he didnt miss a lot, made one of the maps drag out forever.
        yeah, same here, then THEY complained the match was boring. lol

        Over an hour!


          Originally posted by NotoriousBIC
          Efficiency is not the same as Accuracy.

          Efficiency is the ratio between Kills with a certain weapon and the Deaths holding that same weapon.
          The logical conclusion I think most would draw is, if his efficiency is that high, he's pretty fing accurate.

          Let's not forget that the real reason for this post is to find the NEXT Dresk and show him to the world when he/she joins TZ and helps them rise to the top of the ONS TWL mountain!

          Where Dresk happens to be firmly planted right now, FYI.