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UT clothing?

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    3 users win the jersey:

    Angel Mapper, Flak and Mr. Brownstone


      What does Mr. Brownstone do anyway?



        Hmmmmmmm... maybe not.


          Originally posted by Bort Simpson
          3 users win the jersey:

          Angel Mapper, Flak and Mr. Brownstone
          Yeaaaa, totally forgot about Browny! Where is that slag now anyway? (prolly bf2 or WoW, the traitor )


            Originally posted by Discord
            WHY don't they do it?! Afraid it'll make a couple of bucks?! :haha:
            No, just afraid of looking like George Lucas & co.


              I am sure there are some pretty good graphics artists on this forum who use Photoshop.

              If so, you can make a few $$$, and also help out those of us who would like a nice UT T shirt.

              I own a Toyota SUV & truck forum called YotaTech.
              I setup a small store with Cafe Shops to sell T shirts, sweat shirts, hats, ect.

              This helps to bring in a few $$$ towards the cost of the server.
              That is just a basic account I have with Cafe Shops, and if you open up a premium one, you can have more than one design.
              Our design is old, it is a couple of years old now.

              But is someone from hear opened up a premium account so you could offer a few different graphics, you can design some cool stuff.

              They have a page here showing the DPI and resolution size you should use for the front and backs of shirts, hats, and other gear.

              I will tell you their graphics do not fade like iron on transfers.
              I have both a YotaTech T shirt, long sleeved jersey, and a baseball hat.

              All have been washed many times. and the designs have not faded.
              I do not dry them in the dryer though, they get hanged up to dry.

              But anyways, someone with the skill to do this can set us up with some cool stuff, and also make yourself a few $$$ on the side.
              You generally would charge a few bucks over the going price.
              You can also buy stuff from your own store at cost.

              They use only high quality shirts too for what they make them with.
              Nothing is made either until someone places an online order with them.

              I would try it if I had the time, but admining YotaTech, working full time, and trying to game takes to much of my spare time.
              A good place to start would be with the Fan Site kit if it was OK from Epic to do so.



                Originally posted by CoreyT
                own a Toyota SUV & truck forum called YotaTech.
                I do not understand this part of the story.

                Edit: ok I see now.

                I personally wouldnt mind wearing some COOL unreal gear, not just something with the venerable 'u' on it.


                  Well I am glad you understand now