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    to all who are thinking about trying the omega drivers... before installation read all info on them first, also you do not need to remove your current ati drivers to install the omega drivers, they can be installed over the origionals. you only need to remove the ATI control panel before installing the omega drivers. all related info on above is on the web site

    also recomed reading "PERFORMANCE BIOS SETTINGS.txt" also found on site, very helpfull!!!! I have used ATI video cards for about the last 5 years and have never had a smoother set up. the set up even helps you set your general preferences (Gaming,Multimedia etc..).



      I sure like the bigger control panel of the ATI package that uses the file you must install from Microsoft, as I use the TV out a lot.

      Could one of you who uses the Omega drivers take a screen shot of the TV out area where you clone your desktop for TV output?

      I might try the Omegas later if I can get the TV out part to work.

      Thanks, Corey