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How many times have you completed SP?

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    Re: How many times have you completed SP?

    Originally posted by AfroMan
    Yesterday I was having EXTREME packet loss, most likely from my internet service provider. Seeing as it was a waste of time to even attempt to play online, I said what the hell and gave SP campaign a run; havent played it since i was learning to play the game.

    now im all into it and hope to complete it without putting to the side to TAM

    So how many people have completed SP in your 2k4 career?
    Unreal1 about sixty times
    ut2k4 3 times to unlock the characters yippie...:bulb:


      I didn't beat the single player in UT99, UT2003, or UT2004. I'm one of those people who rarely finishes a game, I just play parts of them over and over again.

      Half Life 2 is the first and only game I have ever played from start to finish.


        Twice, once on skilled and I unlocked Xan, then once on adept and I unlocked Clanlord. I was trying on masterful when I got my new graphics card, buggered my whole system and had to reinstall. I might try again, starting with masterful and see if I can do it on inhuman and godlike too :haha: I doubt it though. They get pretty tough on the later levels.



          3 times


            Not nearly as fun as Multi-player and theres no real motivation. Even if they had a movie for each character you competed with you could probably just go to your maps folder and open the map and watch it play.


              beat it on novice, experienced, and skilled, I'm not sure if I want to continue up cause facing xan is so crappy, I feel like I'm being lamed to hell:sour: