Heya all, I'm just about to order a new gfx card, something to tide me over after picking up UT04 (I'd been playing UT03 & goty exclusively until now) & thought it might be sensible to ask them's more experienced then me just before I press "ok".


Here' the amazon page for the card, I've not decided for sure whether to order from them, depends if I can find anywhere cheaper in the uk.

Anywhoo, I understand the it's not exactly brand-spanking new, all the online reciews I've read are using UT2003 to test it, but to be fair, I'm not after a performance monster, I'm looking to upgrade the whole machine at the end of the year & unless something goes wrong I'll be aiming for a pci-e card for the new machine (or whatever else is newest/shiniest ), so I'm not planning to carry this one over, probably give it to my brother or something.

However, if anyone can tell me where i can splash 60-odd quid better I'd be really apprecative.

I understand it might seem a tad lazy to some, but please understand I'm pretty much already decided on the card, I'm just asking if anyone else knows off-hand of something that might be a better buy.
Plus as cards change so often, & the last time I spent actively studying the state of gfx cards, VoodooII's were the cutting edge - I'm very behind the times.

I admit I'm not as experienced in graphics tech as some more hardcore gamers, which is why I'm asking for any other opinions just before I buy.
I'd be daft not to really I think.


*EDIT* just in case anyone's wondering (dunno why you would ), my current card's a geforce fx 5200 128mb pci, & it cost me 80 quid at the time.