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    A quick reccomendation?

    Heya all, I'm just about to order a new gfx card, something to tide me over after picking up UT04 (I'd been playing UT03 & goty exclusively until now) & thought it might be sensible to ask them's more experienced then me just before I press "ok".

    Here' the amazon page for the card, I've not decided for sure whether to order from them, depends if I can find anywhere cheaper in the uk.

    Anywhoo, I understand the it's not exactly brand-spanking new, all the online reciews I've read are using UT2003 to test it, but to be fair, I'm not after a performance monster, I'm looking to upgrade the whole machine at the end of the year & unless something goes wrong I'll be aiming for a pci-e card for the new machine (or whatever else is newest/shiniest ), so I'm not planning to carry this one over, probably give it to my brother or something.

    However, if anyone can tell me where i can splash 60-odd quid better I'd be really apprecative.

    I understand it might seem a tad lazy to some, but please understand I'm pretty much already decided on the card, I'm just asking if anyone else knows off-hand of something that might be a better buy.
    Plus as cards change so often, & the last time I spent actively studying the state of gfx cards, VoodooII's were the cutting edge - I'm very behind the times.

    I admit I'm not as experienced in graphics tech as some more hardcore gamers, which is why I'm asking for any other opinions just before I buy.
    I'd be daft not to really I think.


    *EDIT* just in case anyone's wondering (dunno why you would ), my current card's a geforce fx 5200 128mb pci, & it cost me 80 quid at the time.

    Maybe you should go for a 9800 instead. The 9600 is kind of old.


      Hmm, that would leave me with just 15 pounds to lastme for the end of thew week..

      *goes & checks reviews*



        Hint: save up some more.

        The 9600 is a midrange card from 3~ generations ago.

        I hardly think you need the card NOW so wait a month or two and you will get alot more bang for your buck.

        You will be forced to replace that 9600/9800 long before it's time. Wait alittle more and you can get a card that will last more than twice the time.


          Fair enough, I understand what you're saying & normally I'd agree with you completely.
          However, once I splosh the dosh on my new machine (actually, most likley January, when prices should be a *little* lower, although it's entirely possible, if not my wish, that I'll have to use this machine well into '06), shelling out for the card will be the last of my problems

          Plus, the main problem is I can't play UT2004 very well now.
          At best I'll not be able to play for 6 months, maybe even longer.
          I'm getting 20 quid for the old geforce from a mate (ho ho), so to be fair it's not as much as it seems.
          *EDIT* A mate who only has pci slot onhis main board, just in case you were wondering..

          My main priority is to get a half-decent game for the time-being, getting about 20 to 30fps online at 640x480 with everything turned off (I **** you not) is not the way to play UT.


            Oh, then I understand. I thought your comp was in the mid range and not the subliminal range.


              If your that bad off then upgrade now. IMO it would be worth playing at high rez with everything on high.


                Heh heh, ever since quake 2 I've never played "cutting edge" games.
                I spent a year before upgradeing for Mechcommader (yeah, I neeed to upgrade to play a RTS), I owned Unreal for over 6 months before I could actually play it.

                I've never been too fussed about being on the bleeding edge, as long as i get to play the games eventually.
                However, I'm starting my computing degree next year, &it's the perfect excuse to talk myself into buying a brand-spanking, top 'o the mornin' to ya PC, but for the time being my 1.3g athlon is doing ok.

                Just part from bloody UT..
                So, any more takers to beat the radeon 9800 at this kinda price range?
                Thanks for all the advice so far


                  9600 isn't bleeding egde It's wasn't even avrange 2 years ago.


                    True, I'm just talking in general. It' s never really been a priority to me to keep up to date in any organises way, as long as i can play the games I want to sooner or later.


                      well, the 9600 is faster than a fx5200, but look here- they are both near the bottom of this benchmark list...

                      check NO AA/ NO AF

                      5200 @ 46fps
                      9600 @ 65fps

                      not sure if its worth it to do such a minimal upgrade...

                      now a 9600PRO is almost TWICE as fast as the 5200
                      9600pro @ 94fps, but is about 30-50 more than the regular 9600...


                        Hey, thanks for all the advice so far, you don't know how helpful it's been.

                        Anywhoo, how 'bout this?
                        I'm stuck between the Rad 9800pro 128mb, or the Geforce 6600 256mb.

                        On those benchmark tests on Tom's Hardware, the radeon beats the newer Geforce by a fair margin, but most reviews I've read, online and in mags seem to favour the Geforce.

                        The prices are about the same, so basically it comes down to anyone with real experience of the two cards, since I can't make my mind up just going by the specs.
                        My gut feeling would be to go with the Radeon, since I can find much more material about it's performance, but of course I'm not closed to suggestion.
                        I'll leave it until monday (it's saturday now) & see if I can't find any direct comparisons of the two cards anywhere.

                        Ps: I'm currently reading a review for the 256mb radeon x700.
                        It's being compared to the Geforce 6600gt (which is just out of the range I'm willing to pay atm), & while it's looking awfully nice, I obviously respect people's direct experience, more than a writer using a pumped-up review machine.

                        Although I understand these are pci-e benchmarks & I'll be getting the agp vers if I do choose this one.

                        (link to rad x700 agp)


                          Your mobo will either support AGP or PCI-E, you cant decide between the both when you own a AGP Mobo.
                          I'd also stick for the 6600GT, it owns the 9800 imo . Theres also 6800GT's on for £150, the last I saw.


                            Yup, I'm talking about an AGP version of the x700. *goes to double-check the link I posted*

                            Phew, yeah I didn't read the text wrong - it is an AGP card, & the Rad 9800 & Geforce are both in agp versions too.
                            You're right though, my current machine doesn't support pci-e.

                            150 notes is just a touch more than I'd be willing to spend on a gfx card for this machine (even if money was little object), to me it's worth about 80 quid for a decent game of UT04, but I'm not looking to spend a large amount really.


                              Too bad they dont sell that AGP x700 in the US. That seems to be a good deal.
                              Although I notice those benchmark links show a x700 XT, not a plain x700. So performance may be lower with a plain x700.