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    I like my mouse, I just wanted to know if upgrading would actually improve anything..I think I will be sticking to my current mouse.


      Originally posted by Boksha
      Dark surfaces work best with all optical mice, but most gaming mice can work with any non-reflective surface, so what kind of texture to use is entirely up to you.
      If you like you can get a cutting mat. It's suitable, cheap and lasts forever.
      I bought a 518 a few weeks ago and love it. By chance I had a Jakar cutting mat kicking around and tried it as a mouse mat. Its brilliant, the friction is virtually zero like ice on ice, tracking is fine and its cheap.



        Well, I have exactly the same mouse as Drunk Penguin, also on a sense of 2.00 (coincidense) and I pwn everyone in the server, I never felt a need to upgrade.

        If you actually think you need to upgrade, upgrade your mousepad. It increases accuracy a lot and is much cheaper, and you don't have to get used to new sensitivity and such.

        Good luck, and have fun.