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    Originally posted by musilowski
    Time to uninstall UTXMP and RO...
    "ut2004 -mod=UTXMP" works fine here, and so does "ut2004 -mod=RedOrchestra". "ut2004 -mod=UnrealTournament2C" ... doesn't. I'm using Linux, and Mac users are in the same boat.

    I'm sure that a custom ut2004 executable could be compiled for Mac and Linux, but I don't believe that Epic has released the source for it... then again, how do people put together one for Windows? Is it really modified?

    Originally posted by Pyrii:
    As far as I know, some mods, like strikeforce supply thier own EXEs, which only act like BAT files, and run UT2004.exe with the correct command line arguments. This mod has none of the files needed for this to work, so it has to be a standalone exe.
    Indeed... That's too bad too, since it looks like something I'd enjoy playing. Maybe Venom will fix it when he comes back next month.


      I wish you could play UT99 maps with this mod.

      I see there is a lot of UT99 maps still being made.

      I guess the scale is not right.


        I didn't really like this mod. A little buggy, seems unfinished. My comments about it are in the User Maps and Mods section if people would ever look there...


          I really like it.

          But when I pause the game it messes the game up and I have to reinstall it.

          And the ripper looks really weird, and the shock rifle looks weird to.

          But I'm having a blast with it. I'm would like to start a server with this mod but I'm not sure how. Trying to get information on how to do it.