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A solution to not using maintinee in demos?

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    Possible but tricky.
    Consider this alias :
    Aliases[5]=(Command="Axis aBaseX  Speed=+40.0",Alias="TurnRight")
    If i'm not mistaken, only changing the speed would do the trick. However, the speed would be set for a particular circle diameter, as you'd have to keep looking at the exact center to keep the thing smooth and circular.

    Imho, it would be easier tu use the mouse on a large surface to obtain desired effect.

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  • started a topic A solution to not using maintinee in demos?

    A solution to not using maintinee in demos?

    Well, the other day I was on the potty pondering another way of doing (somewhat simple) sequences without having to use the mouse at all, and creating a smooth affect.

    And then the idea hit me: modify the speeds/directions of your movement controls for non-conventional uses! For instance, traveling in a circle focusing on a frag/model by pressing strafeleft + turn right whilst using the right variables and not using a mouse at all.

    So my question to you is: Is this possible? If so how would I/anyone go around doing this? or should I go back to the loo and think a little harder?