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    Stock TDM and Weapons were already perfectly balanced by Epic, why change that? :down:

    O wait... :haha:


      Originally posted by r.a
      Time to pose a question for do you think x6 and gravity reached the skill level (both individual and team) that they are at today. I'd seriously like a logical breakdown of your perception on how they got as good as they (we?) are. You say playing and practicing isn't fun when you are losing...did these two teams magically become good overnight? Get a ****ing clue. Oh and incase you didn't notice Kypt doesn't play for x6 or gravity, neither does Jink or tewicc, or hectic. The only people that support your stupid mod are: too lazy to practice, too scared to lose while practicing, or more than likely just plain awful at everything and need more handicaps to force closer games between two teams that aren't even remotely close.

      Oh and for the record praticing pays off. Case in point: dx, who is in my opinion the 3rd best TDM team in North America. Their lineup isn't stacked at all, 3 of their 4 starters played for frozen who was a mid-tier team for most of ut2k4. They practiced and look where they are now. Teams should take a hint from them rather than looking for free points.

      Please, get a clue.
      **** bro your my I <3 list don't h8


        Originally posted by r.a
        newbie garbage
        [quote]Originally posted by <check6\\Tex> were all f***ing quitting anyway

        Nice!! make way baby I'm Rizing to the top :P


          Originally posted by HeCTiC 6ft dp
          TDM is fine the way it is, pass the chips please.
          Here you go.


            Sorry for the standard INA trolling Deify. Please don't let these whiners get you down. Nevertheless this thread is now flamebait and closed.