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TDM Game Balance Mutator

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    TDM Game Balance Mutator

    Myself and KevinR have been working on a mutator which aims to balance out gameplay for TDM. We feel that the adrenaline system which gives extra adrenaline to the winning team, combined with 349 max health and the way the shield system works all combine to make for some real blowouts when the teams are not almost even in skill. I would be interested to have some people play with the mutator and give any feedback.

    If you guys want to try it out on this server, you can vote it on using the regular map vote options, just choose unreal comp mod as the game type:


    if you want the weapon tweaks to also work, vote off newnet in utcomp (F5) then restart the map. Otherwise everything will work except the changes to the weapons.

    Note we are still tweaking things, but the gist of the mut is there for you to play around with. Would be nice to see some 4v4 scrims using it and get some feedback on what to change.

    Here is a list of changes, off the top of my head:

    Health System
    Spawn with 125 health.
    Health and Armor slowly drains when over 100.
    *Want* Able to pickup 50 armor even if you have it, like in DM.

    Adrenaline System
    Turn off 5 adren reward for single kills, reduce sprees and dbl kills from 10 to 5 adren awarded.
    Boost adren pickups to 3.
    *Want*Change invis combo to a key

    Other Features
    *Want*Allow selection and tossing of empty weapons, only if weapon stay is on.
    Change respawn time of small items to 20 sec [health, weapons, etc].
    Change respawn time of 100 shield/Keg to 50 sec.
    Change respawn time of DD to 80 sec.
    *Want*Balanced team counts [temperary team locking so teams are always even in count].

    Shield Gun
    Max primary charge takes 2.0 instead of 2.5 seconds to charge.
    Self damage lowered from 20-53 to 15-34.
    Enemy damage changed from 40-150 to 45-125.
    Shield momentum changed from 65000 to 75000 for higher shield jumps.
    Alt-fire reduced to 20/fire and 3/sec regen.

    Assault Rifle
    Reduced bullet damage from 7 to 5-6 for primary fire.
    Increased accuracy for primary fire. [just half as more accurate]
    Grenades shoot same speed/distance regardless of how long you hold the altfire in. [Removed charge bar as well].
    Grenade's are half as bouncy off of walls.

    Bio Rifle
    Bio travels the same speed regardless of goo level [in 2k4 it slows down the more goo you fire, it's not useless now].
    Full Goop load does 160 dmg [219 def].

    Shock Rifle
    Reduced rate of fire for primary fire. [mut=.80, 2k4=.70, 2k3=.85]
    Primary damage to 40. [def 45]

    Link Gun
    Raised rate of fire for primary fire [.17 sec delay, .20 default].
    Increased speed of primary projectile 70% [you can actually aim it now].
    Reduced damage from 30 to 20 from primary fire to balance better aim.
    Removed lockdown from secondary fire.

    Reduced bullet damage from 7-8 to 5-6 for primary fire.
    Reduce Minigun Ammo max to 200, starting 100, 50 per pickup

    Flak Cannon
    Reduced shard damage from 13 to 10 for primary fire.
    Added one extra shard [from 9 to 10, so a full load will do 100 instead of 117]
    Reduced maximum shard distance for primary fire. [shards now live 1.3 sec]
    Removed all 6 shards that fly out from secondary fire grenade.

    Rocket launcher

    Lightning Gun
    Reduce damage to 65, and headshot damage to 130.
    Removed all 3 child bolts.

    You have the option to disable the Double Damage.
    You have the option to disable the Super Shield.
    You have the option to disable the 50 Shield.
    You have the option to disable the Big Keg o' Health.
    You have the option to disable the Health Packs.
    You have the option to disable the Health Vials.
    You have the option to disable the Adrenaline.
    You have the option to make player starts visible [and a size of 1, 2, or 3] [Advanced option] [Originally created by Radiosity]
    You have the option to make the server force a minimum rolloff value [range from 0.40 to 0.50] [Originally created by Wormbo]

    You have the option to replace the Redeemer with the Rocket Launcher.
    You have the option to replace the Ion Painter with the Lightning Gun.
    And finally, you have the option to disable the Balanced Weapons and use the Stock Weapons [gay]. [Advanced option]

    some of the changes are nice, but most of them are just to make the skill lover in the game imo...

    you get less reward in item pickups, fragging will be even slower now, etc etc...

    adrenaline system are perfect at its current state, same with mini, flak, ok lg could get removed headshots and splash dmg, you remove linklockdown, to bad now the gun lost all its charm, and useability.


      Only thing I liked (in theory anyway) was that health and armor slowly decrease over 100, but not sure if I'd actually like it. I personally thing TDM is fine as it is...


        newbie garbage


          Originally posted by r.a
          newbie garbage
          couldnt have said it better myself


            Originally posted by r.a
            newbie garbage
            I'm sure everyone in x6/gravity/etc. will hate this mod cause it takes away artificial advantages such as 1-2 free boosters per map based on nothing more than points on the score board.

            Just to clarify, this mutator was designed to help average teams compete with the better teams in TDM. The game is really no fun for anyone (winners or losers) when the point spread in a typical game is 100-150 points or more. For instance my team scrimmed another clan a few days ago. They are a pretty good clan, I would say around top 10 or so in the US, but we were up by 100 points only 10 minutes into the map and they graciously said "we give up, gg". Where is the fun in that? It wasn't fun for us or them.

            Being in one of the better teams myself I have nothing to gain with this mutator, except for having more fun in 4v4 tdm. I am giving up "free" adrenaline for getting kills and being able to run around with 199 health all game, but I'd gladly do that if it means closer scores in matches, and the losing team having more fun playing the game, or even actually playing instead of just saying "na, what's the point".

            To sorta put things into perspective, imagine the extreme case of the current health/adren system in this game. If the max health was say 1000/1000, and you got 20 adrenaline for a kill, what would happen? Well the team in control would soon be all maxed out with 700-1000 health and keep getting adrenaline boosters and would basically never die. They could easily kill the down team who is spawning with 100 health and no weapons all game. If you keep lowering the health, eventually you would find the right amount where the down team is able to get some kills on the up team and turn the tide somewhat. imo the current health system, combined with the way adrenaline is awarded, is not at the point that the down team can regain control of the map. By bringing the health down to a reasonable level, 200+, it gives more opportunity for map control to change and keeps things more even. Along with that, making adrenaline more even by focusing it on pickups in the map instead of being based on kills has a similar effect. So that pretty much explains what this mutator is all about. This may not be the right place to be posting this, as a lot of ppl here do not play in clan scrims, and that is really the focus of this mutator, it's not designed for just casual pubbing, for that who cares what the health and adren are set like.


              newbie garbage

              Originally posted by tewicc
              couldnt have said it better myself
              Here's two guys who haven't even played the mutator yet and they have already made up their minds. Sorry but I can't respect that Ross.


                its a waste of my time to respond to your retarded position, anyone with a clue will read that log and just laugh at you and your stupid mod. good luck doing nothing.

                And you don't need to play it you just listed all of the changes. see above.


                  Originally posted by r.a
                  its a waste of my time to respond to your retarded position, anyone with a clue will read that log and just laugh at you and your stupid mod. good luck doing nothing.

                  And you don't need to play it you just listed all of the changes. see above.
                  reading that log, jason and nick are the ones who should get laughed at. it's obvious they just want to continue boostering and maxing out their health all game why they rape average teams by 250 points and then going to irc and saying, why don't you guys practice and get better? really, what kind of person thinks that is fun? nobody is going to practice or even play given the current imbalance in the game rules cause they simply don't have fun. that is aparent by the <10 active tdm teams we have, compared to >70 in TAM. It doesn't have to be that way any longer.


                    It is only like that because most teams moved on to games that are more "competitive" tourney wise or just went dormant because they see the game as dead. Don't try to change DM to make it more "user friendly" that was the purpose of TAM. Just leave it to TAM to cater to the casual gamer. If you're in a team in TDM and scrim, ur expected to atleast know half of what you're doing. If you do but you are found wanting, all you need is more practice. In the days when teams were active in TDM it was expected and everyone did their part. 4-tiered teams became 3-tiered teams in about a week time and teh balance between the teams was neat because you could shift anytime (xcept for 1st tiered teams). Its just how it is, practice makes perfect.

                    Owning people by 200 is not really that much fun, but why should the ownees pay? It wasn't fun because the owned didn't measure up, not because of a fault in the game.

                    When 2 even teams in TDM play the game it is REALLY fun and intense.

                    I'll say again what I've always said, I LIKE TAMS! This is not a "TDM is better than TAM" thread, its just that TDM is TDM don't try to change it


                      Let the TDM skill whinin begin!!

                      Looks like a nice mutator btw


                        I havent tested it so I dont know if it is good or not, but I dont think that anyone will play it since the basic of the game is changed too much rather than make it newbie friendly in another way.
                        Though I most say it sounds tempting to have a link gun you can hit with primary fire. No lockdown :down:


                          funny thing is the point in having tdm also so skill based as it is now is you'll actually get an way better image of how the two teams are compared to each other, and in close games itll be even more intence because you KNOW that its because your very equal in skill, and if you havnt noticed its like that in the top, so its not like 1 team dominate the others...

                          not my fault that us dosnt have more than 1 good team, and it therefore looks very unbalanced and such.


                            TDM is fine the way it is, pass the chips please.


                              Time to pose a question for do you think x6 and gravity reached the skill level (both individual and team) that they are at today. I'd seriously like a logical breakdown of your perception on how they got as good as they (we?) are. You say playing and practicing isn't fun when you are losing...did these two teams magically become good overnight? Get a ****ing clue. Oh and incase you didn't notice Kypt doesn't play for x6 or gravity, neither does Jink or tewicc, or hectic. The only people that support your stupid mod are: too lazy to practice, too scared to lose while practicing, or more than likely just plain awful at everything and need more handicaps to force closer games between two teams that aren't even remotely close.

                              Oh and for the record praticing pays off. Case in point: dx, who is in my opinion the 3rd best TDM team in North America. Their lineup isn't stacked at all, 3 of their 4 starters played for frozen who was a mid-tier team for most of ut2k4. They practiced and look where they are now. Teams should take a hint from them rather than looking for free points.

                              Please, get a clue.