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    Get an X2 3800+ coming out next month for $345 US.
    Or, a socket 754 3400+ (the 2.4 GHz model) for $178 US (OEM) at newegg.

    That socket 754 processor is a B*tch!


      Originally posted by SSHAwk
      ok say i make the purchase how long with this rig last me? cause i dont got a lot of money but i havent upgraded since christmas of 01
      Why dont you tell us how much money you have to spend then I can find you best bang for buck.


        You will need a new motherboard, CPU (with fan), and probably a new power supply. Hopefully you allready have fast RAM. I suggest the Venice core athlon64 since you probably have mismatched memory and venice core provides support for mismatched RAM dual channel support.
        Unforutnately your 6800GT is AGP, so you will be stuck having to get an AGP socket939 motherboard.


          socket 754 chips are looking good value for money, I Just got a £50 PCI-E m/b and a £140 3700+

          Some peeps are saying you have to go with socket 939 for future dual core upgradability but when the San Diego 3700+ cost £230 alone it doesnt seem like a great argument, ie I will just buy a dual core chip and another m/b and would have still spent less... people were actually trying to convince me to spend an extra £100 to save myself £50 IF I upgraded in the future...

          Of course the San Diego is slightly better, but if you are happy for your zip files to be compressed in only 30 seconds and not 29 you'll have no probs !

          GL with the upgrade


            WHile socket 754 boards are a good value - (1) he needs an AGP slot board, not PCI-E, and (2) they have a lower upgradability to newer processors, unlike newer socket 939. And I cant really suggest going with a cpu over $200.


              My advice: don't upgrade your Athlon XP unless you find a great deal; you won't get a huge increase even in CPU-dependent UT. The biggest benefit will come from upgrading to an Athlon 64, due to the architectural improvements (memory controller, for example), so save up for the next big step.