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    Map voting

    On my server when we hit the Esc key to vote for a map, some maps are grayed out as they have been played and you can not vote for them for awhile.

    I read a FAQ on this site:


    This page allows you to set the options for map voting at the end of each game (or whenevr it is called upon). Hit accept to finalise the changes, or reset to show the default values.

    Accumulation Mode: If this setting is enabled, The more successfull players in the game hold more voting power at the polls then the less fortunate. The value of each vote depends on how well the player has performed during his/her current session on the server. The more games (s)he has won, the more points their vote holds, and the more biased the vote becomes. This option is better left unset for fairness.

    Auto Open GUI: Setting this option will mean that the voting menu will open automatically at the end of the game or whenever a vote is requested by another player ingame.

    Default Current Gametype: If this option is set, then maps conforming to the current gametype are listed by default.

    Elimination Mode: With this option set, any maps played recently will not show on the list for the next few games. This helps prevent maps being overplayed and allows other votes a look in. Recommended.

    Enable Map Voting: Set this option to allow players to vote for what map they'd like to play on next. If map voting is enabled, the map cycle is overridden unless no player votes within the allotted time space.

    Score Mode: If this option is enabled, then the number of votes a player casts for a map is equal to his score on the current map. With this option, the better the player, the more sway his/her vote holds. Avoid if you have mixed ability players regualarly to avoid unfairness in the vote system.

    Use Map Lists: Set this option to force the server to only show maps that are in the map cycle for the selected gametype. Reccomended if you regularly test new maps as this helps to prevent faulty maps from being selected. Details on how to add or remove maps from the cycle are shown at the beginning of part 2 of this guide.

    Midgame Vote Percent: If voteing is started mid-game by any player, the percentage you specify here is the percentage of votes agreeing the change needed to chage the current map.

    Minimum Maps: If elimination mode is selected, then the maplist will reset when this the number of available maps falls to this level.

    Repeat Limit: Each time a map is played it gets disabled. When the number of diabled maps reaches the repeat limit, the list is reset.

    ScoreBoard Delay: This specifies how long the scoreboard is shown at the end of each game before the mapvote menu pops up.

    Voting Time Limit: The time limit for the voteing to take place. Once this limit is reached, the votes are counted and the map with the winning vote then loads. if no map is voted for then the next map in the cycle is loaded.
    My area for the repeat limit was set on 4.
    I changed it to 0, and still the same, some maps are grayed out.
    What should that setting be so we can vote for a map to replay again and again if we want?

    Thanks, Corey



      Thanks, I will give that a try.


        No workie.

        Set it higher to 999 and 9999, and now all of the maps are grayed out.
        I even restarted the server, and they are all grayed out.

        Can not select any from the list.


          Try this.