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My CPU & GPU recommendations (for budget gaming PC)

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    My CPU & GPU recommendations (for budget gaming PC)

    Here are some different combos you could use depending on how much you want to spend:
    Duron 1.8 GHz & 9600 Pro (best budget combo in my opinion) $123 US total
    Athlon XP 2700+ & 6600 GT (better performance, a little more future proof) $225 US total
    (or, 9800 Pro for Canadians who are looking for a cheaper price)
    Athlon 64 2800+ & 6800 non-GT (best overall for price) $309 US total
    Athlon 64 3400+ & 6800 GT (the Newcastle one that runs at 2.4 GHz) (the best high performance for the price in my opinion) $463 US total

    Of course, these are all socket A or socket 754 suggestions for people who aren't worried about upgrading to dual core next month.

    If I wanted dual core, I'd wait until next month when they come out with an AMD dual core for $345 US. Come to think of it, if you spent $130 US now on a CPU only to spend $200 US later on a dual core when they get that cheap, you'd spend a total of $330 US. If the street price for that dual core CPU is under $345 US, you may as well buy one next month (if you crave dual core for multitasking, gaming + more).

    Here are links for the...
    Duron 1.8 GHz $42

    Athlon XP 2700+ $81

    Athlon 64 2800+ $120 (CPU and heatsink)

    Athlon 64 3400+ $178

    Gigabyte 9600 Pro $81

    eVGA 6600 GT $144 with rebate

    eVGA 6800 $189 (the more silent one is $8 more)

    AOpen 6800 GT $285

    Yeah, that's kind of a strange situtation if you were in Canada. It's tough to make a choice if you're bargain hunting in Canada since the 9800 Pro can be found online for $164 CDN at or $189 at And the 6600 GTs are all like over $200 CDN (last time I checked).

    When I checked out the price of the brand name ATI (Sapphire was cheaper but I saw some negative comments for Sapphire cards although you can see negative comments for any maker), it was $139 US on newegg so I figured 6600 GT at $144 is better (beats 9800 Pro on some benchmarks, sometimes by a mile).

    The Duron 1.8 GHz & 9600 Pro is an incredible deal at $123 US. That Duron is really an Athlon 2200+ with less cache. And I read it performs between an Athlon 2100+ and a 2200+. Not bad at all. I have a Duron 1.8 GHz and Ti4200. I can play demos of Doom3, Half Life 2, Far Cry etc and can play retail verion of UT2004 with acceptable frames rates in Deathmatch with low settings (can't tell much of a difference at low settings anyway). The 9600 Pro should do everything better as well (than the Ti4200). So, it should be able to at least play BF2 at minimal settings and is compatible with Directx 9.

    I’ve looked at many benchmarks for CPUs and GPUs. The important thing I should add is for anyone wanting to play UT2007, I would strongly recommend the $225 US combo I listed there (minimum, the $309 combo would be better). But the cheaper $123 combo should play everything currently out even if you have to set some games at medium or low settings.

    Im gonna buy amd sempron 3100+ 256 cathe 64 core + 9800 pro . Ill oveclock the cpu to 2.5 ghz later .