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Colored Server Names Not Working

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    Originally posted by vynum
    I hate the say this, but dude your a fking pussie. WTF is it going to hurt? Your eyes? Cost you your Job? Do you have a black and white TV? For your info, my server was only one color maybe two at the most. Not colored like looney tunes. Also, before they patched the colors everyone was really making their names look good, unique and different. Also as of today there was only about 3, 4 at the most that was coloring their names or even knew how. So you mean to tell me it bugged you that much? I really could care less but I'm sick and tired of seeing our freedom of choice taken away.
    Life just isn't fair sometimes.

    But hey, you could still use a coloring book to explore your creativity:

    Please be careful, though: Crayons are _not_ meant to be stuck up your nose!