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[OT] - Transferring windows to another drive?

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    [OT] - Transferring windows to another drive?

    ok, i recently bought a 200GB harddrive to join my other two drives, but when i plug it in and use it, my system becomes instable and crashes almost hourly. i have a 60GB harddrive that id like to replace it with, but i want to be able to just throw my entire OS and registry over to the other drive wityhout having to install windows again and lose all my settings and files.. i remember when i wanted to resize my drive to use linux on a separate partition, i found a program in windows 2000 that let me back up my entire drive and place it back on the drive whenever i wanted but after i lost that drive in an untimely ****-up, i dont have the 2000 version...
    is there such a program hidden in windows XP? and if not, does anyone know if theres a free (and legal) program i can download to get it working? because the paragon drive backup trial sucks badly.

    help? i dont want to have to go through the installation process again! :cry:



      "cannot backup, image file may be larger than the free space" or something like that... while trying to copy a 60GB image onto 200GB of free space :bulb:

      any more suggestions before i take a sledgehammer to my box?


        Nero has a backup utility.


          Ok here is what I do and it is almost flawless and will save you alot of headaches. There are two ways. Personally I would recommend you start from scractch, because you maybe just copying over your problems to the new partition.

          1. partition new drive into:

          A) 10 - 12 GB Windows OS partition

          B) XX GB partition for Program Files.

          C)10 - 12 GB partition for UT

          In the long run this will save you many many hours of frustration, anger and sobbing into your pillow at night .

          2. Setup windows into your new windows partition.

          A) Do not install any programs yet.

          B) Setup windows and configure the OS to how you like it with settings / wallpaper and all the trimmings.

          C) Install all updates / service packs and reboot / check to make sure it works ok.

          D) Change the Windows Programs File Path . This will most likely be D:\. You also want to change the common files folder path to your new location as well within your X:\Program Files\Common Files.

          3. Now back up your windows partition with Ghost. There are ways to do this but you really only need those two small boot disks on floppies. Once you have these just back up your windows partition to a safe place somewhere on your new hard drive. This is good because if you ever run into problems with your windows you can just blow out and reload your windows partition ( 2 minutes with Ghost Floppies ).

          4. Install your UT with all patches / bonuses etc, then repeat process of backing up. You can just back up your UT system folder and that will usually save you when problems occur.

          5. Install all programs etc to the new programs folder.

          6. Download and install partition magic. This will allow you to move partitions around and also change the drive letters. This is an awesome tool for this type of stuff. Just be careful when using this tool.

          7. Reboot and enjoy your new life free from headaches and multiple day setups of windows to get back to normal when problems occur. If you do have to restore the windows os image you may have to re install some programs again because of registry entries but this is usually quick and painless.

          Have fun. If you need help for teh floppies or how to go about this just pm me and I'll personally help you out. This for me is a total life / time saver.


            Thanks Sm@ck, but i already did that, i have my OS/small installs drive, and a 160GB UT/Videos/other random installs drive, i just dont want to go through the hassle of re-installing windows again, because i had to do it just 2months ago and ive only just got it all back the way i like it. i just remember that when i had to use windows 2000, there was a program that backed it all up to a *.bck file and it worked perfectly. I downloaded a program called R-DriveImage, so im going to leave my computer running today while i go to school. ill edit in/reply/delete the thread when its all sorted thanks for your replies guys! keep 'em coming, just in case

            and Sm@ck, i think ill copy/paste that suggestion of yours, just in case

            and bhz, Nero only backs up to CDs/DVDs, not other harddrives


              To do what you want to do I recommend three tools:

              1. Start > Programs OR All programs > Accessories > System Tools > Backup.

              2. Ghost Floppies.

              3. Partition Magic.

              S'all you need bro. Ghost is the quickest tool IMO for this kind of stuff.


                Norton Ghost?


                  set it to slave then just copy and past your whole hdd to the bigger one. There is a file thats in C:windows that will mess it up thought look on the interweb and find out what file it is and then just dont copy it.

                  it works like a charm ive doen it like 3 times.

                  simple as copy and paste