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Optimal Mouse settings for LG/Sniper?

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    Optimal Mouse settings for LG/Sniper?

    I try to use the LG and sniper whenever possible because of their power. I've gotten much better, but I still miss a lot. I'm wondering what people who rock with the LG and sniper have for their mouse settings. Here is my current set up:


    I don't know if it will make any difference or not, but I'd love to give it a try.


    I use the mx518 mouse along with a low sens qpad (40cm by 30cm)

    heres my settings:

    This has helped me greatly in my hitscan aim with both lg/sr and shock, so has alot of 1v1 play recently.


      Turn mouse smoothening off make dodge time lower and practise , one more thing try learning switching to shield gun between lg shots much safer . By practise I mean : Dont run around with flak , run around with lg and switch to sg like I said , you dont have to kill people with lg only If you arent too good with it switch after the first shot to flak / shock and shoot than when you feel like it switch back to lg . Your sensitivity is fine whats your cm / 360 ? Should be atleast 10 cm . Duels . Also dont feel that your bad if you cant get kills with lg at ffa its harder to concentrate in ffa .
      Edit : not ffa Im used to that from halo 2 , I mean DM .


        There's no BEST setting.
        Generally speaking lower is better though (of course not going to extremes)
        As a rule of thumb I always configure my mouse to be able to do a 180 degrees turn with about 1/3rd of my mousemat.
        Also, yes it's a good idea to turn any form of smoothing off. Smoothing does just what it says, it smooths the movement out. However, it has to know what to smooth TO before it can do so, so smoothing always introduces a small amount of mouselag.


          <---- Under the name


            Thank you so much guys


              :heart: :heart:


                In reply to Virax in this thread:

                Originally posted by vrxGz
                In general, it's true that lower sensitivity allows better hitscan - simply because it makes it easier to keep a steady aim. But, as supported by what ra and wosp said, that definitely doesn't mean you can't have great aim with a high sensitivity; likewise, the perception that 'changing your sensitivity will improve aim' is also untrue.
                There's more to it. Having a lower sensitivity also helps preventing RSI. When your sensitivity is high you need to make very small precise movements with your mouse to hit someone/something, which can cause the muscles in your arm to tense, which can deprave them from oxygen. The following bits are purely speculation from my part, but I can imagine a high sensitivity will make all movement you perform with the mouse very small, meaning more repetition which would also be pretty bad.
                A lower sensitivity on the other hand requires you to loosen your muscles, and also requires you to move the mouse with your whole arm every now and then, which can reduce repetition.
                On the other hand it's probably true that too low a sensitivity can also hasten RSI in your shoulder or elbow because of repeated mouselifting.

                Of course, when it comes to RSI the best prevention is of course to take frequent breaks and perform arm and wrist excercises every now and then.


                  Originally posted by WosP
                  make dodge time lower
                  ... not sure what that has to do with my aim

                  Thank you guys, I did notice a bit of an improvement tonight, my effeciency was up a bit. I was getting a lot more shots when people were strafing and far away,


                    Imo it's always best to spend extra time on a shot and be sure to hit, than to fire too quickly and miss, the more you do this (its actually quite difficult in the heat of a game to remain calm enough to do this) the better your aim should get and the less time you will have to spend on making the shot.

                    That seemed to work for me anyway. GL


                      there's a lot more involved than just settings. of course having a rather low sens does help some. but playing with constant settings and sticking to a certain sens for a long time is a good base to start.

                      the rest is very much about technic and mental constitution and a good portion of experience (how does your opponent move, prediction etc). what most players do wrong is to think too much and try to move and hold the crosshair on the enemy.

                      this is what helps me getting hit ratio of >50% with hitscan:

                      - clean your mouse/mousemat (so its smoth as possible)
                      - try to be as much relaxed as possible
                      - try to move and hold you crosshair on where you think an opponent will appear most likely, dont move too nervous with your aim/crosshair, this will save time in some cases
                      - take the time you need, dont hestitate
                      - dont try to look at your crosshair and move it over your opponent, rather try to observe him and feel the shot.
                      - once you see an enemy you want to shot, try to predict his movement. some player do always the same, some dont and are harder to hit of course
                      - try to aim as much as possible out of your wrist, as this gives you much better control. of course once you're really into it, it comes a time where you do very fast turns and hit your enemy more with a kind of a reflex aim. heres where expereince and how much your used to your settings come in.
                      - there technics like prediction,waiting for the enemy to move where your crosshair is. snap aiming, move your crosshair close, concentrate and quickly snap on him and shot, etc...
                      - when it comes to aim and hit the emeny, theres different technics to accomplish , which depends on his movement:

                      1. if an enemy stands still, move calm and slowly move your crosshair on him and shot. this should be a 90% hit, if you master that you're most likely ready to become good with lg.

                      2. if a enemy moves contantly in one direction. try to hold your crosshair where he's going to move, wait till he matches and shot.

                      3. if a enemy dodgejumps, liftjumps, try to wait and follow his movement untill your crosshair is on him, shot. that very easy cause a long jump is easy to predict. or set your crosshair where you think he will be the next split second and shot. either is good and once you practiced that some time you will get better.

                      4. if an enemy moves, strafes, dodges around, try to concentrate what hes doing the next second... once you see hes doing a dodge at left, wait and try to shot him the moment he lands and stands still for .5 second.

                      5. if an enemy randomly strafes left right, and barely jumps, it can be hard to aim the guy. simply try to make him do so by shoting a flak, shock ball, or rocket, then look closely what his reaction is and predict his movement. many good players try to shot with a projectile wepons first, which makes the enemy bounce, then switch to lg and have an easy prediction shot.

                      once you're really into it aiming, it becomes a intuitive reaction, mostly its your head that prevents from being able to hit a target. you need to "feel" the shot deep inside.

                      i hope some of this will help you.

                      im sure there some things i forgot, but im too lazy now... need to go work :P


                        Just correcting . About the sensitivity , your arm is the most precise at some kind of movement , I play tennis so Im precise at big movement with small sensitivity ( This is just an example I do lay tennis but I dont think It helps me aim when moving a lot with my had ) , If you play ping pong you should be better at small movements with high sensitivity . Its all about at what movements your better if its big movements than low sensitivity if small movements than big sensitivity - If I would be good at with big movements , why use a big sensitivity ? No point since when using high sensitivity you dont really move your mouse too much so being presice at big movements doesnt help . Use a sensitivity that you get the most headshots with . I was using low sensitivity with high fov for some time . Now I changed it to low fov but higher sensitivity so that my 20 / 360 stayed . Whatever your playing keep your cm / 360 and maybe change the fov , fov is most important I would say rather than sensitivity doesnt really matter so much if its 1,3 or 2 fov matter a lot . 2 is really fine sensitivity for ut 2k4 with fov 85 - 90 .



                          or try this one :P


                            Soma-pu that game is really good for aiming practise , honestly the movement of the flies is unpredictable . Not like when playing against bots .


                              Originally posted by soma-pu
                              - try to move and hold you crosshair on where you think an opponent will appear most likely
                              About that, something I find works pretty well, if an opponent dodges behind a corner, don't put your mouse on the edge of the corner. If he dodges back into view he will move way too fast to click on time (not to mention due to the way UT2k4's netcode works you probably won't even see him until his center of mass is already past the corner)
                              Instead, aim about a dodge length away from the corner; when he dodges back into view just click and the chances of hitting are pretty good.
                              Of course, this doesn't help against sneaky basts that WALK around corners, but once you notice someone does that, it's not too hard to counter either.

                              (that FlySui game is fun btw. 0 flies on my first try )