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    Does anyone use a gamepad instead of a mouse with keyboard for controls?





        Originally posted by Scam
        Fixed :down:


          This may not be the kind of gamepad you're asking about, since I use a gamepad to replace my keyboard, not my mouse...

          I recently picked up a Cyber Snipa gamepad, despite its ludicrously stupid name, and I've been getting used to it since last weekend. The product interested me just because it seemed to have much lighter action than the Nostromo, which I find intolerably sluggish. Some impressions:

          My movement is back to normal now (tho the "spacebar" key still needs a bit of breaking in; like many spacebars, it's sluggish when pushed at one of its edges rather than at its center), and most of the crucial binds work just as well as they used to (e.g. Shock and LG ). The overall arrangement of keys is a bit too large to be fully practicable, so some of the keys aren't really within reach. There has to be a way to get the same compact functionality as a keyboard without assuming that someone's hand is a foot long from wrist to fingertip.

          The reality, too, is that it takes a bit of time to get used to the layout, just because it's not in your muscle-memory like the standard WASD neighborhood is for most of us.

          The key action is much lighter than my keyboard and much lighter than the Nostromo I used, but still not as light as I'd like. (Think laptop keyboard, and you'll get an idea of how freakishly-light I'd like the action to be. )

          It's an improvement over my keyboard, but that may not be true for you if you're totally happy with the action on your keyboard. It offers potentially more binds than the WASD neighborhood on your keyboard, but some of the gamepad keys are difficult to reach with thumb or forefinger and some of the pinky-area keys are closer together than you'll expect from normal keyboarding. After changing my binds to accommodate the gamepad layout, I find it to be more flexible and effective than my keyboard - just not as flexible as it appears to be. As for comfort, I'm still getting used to it.

          It's easy to use - totally plug'n'play, with no drivers or software necessary. The gamepad keys are clearly marked with the keyboard key they're pretending to be, so you need only remap your in-game actions to the labelled keys and you're good to go. The gamepad also includes volume up/down buttons which work nicely, no configuration required.

          My only complaint, other than the imperfect ergonomics, is that I can't get one or two or the keys to work - e.g., I had a bit of trouble rebinding UTComp's menu (normally F5) to 6 or 7, and my music on/off bind works on key 1 but not on key 7. Huh?! I can't isolate the problem here, since the "7" (for example) inputs perfectly when I open a text file; it doesn't seem to be the fault of the gamepad.

          Another downside, perhaps obvious: it's not a full keyboard. Duh, I know...but you'll suddenly realize this anew when you want to type something in-game.

          One positive side which I haven't yet mentioned is the incredibly small footprint of the gamepad, so it's easy to position in any spot I want.

          Overall, a marked improvement over my keyboard but not quite a slam-dunk. I may end up loving it after another week or two, but for now I just like its convenience and figure it's a slightly better tool than I was using before.


            Originally posted by TørmentøR


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                Originally posted by NotoriousBIC
                Enchiladas for the WIN!


                  I never liked the action on the N52. The keys just seem way too stiff for me. Plus, I use the spacebar to jump, and I really don't like the buttons on the N52 that are there for the thumb.

                  I also feel like I have plenty of keys to use for binds on a regular keyboard, so I simply don't need the ability to switch to different sets of keybinds (also don't have the time to do so while playing).

                  Overall, it looks like it'd be cool, but seems to me to be a fix for a non-existent problem. /me shrugs.

                  I also saw in a magazine the other day that Saitek (makers of the cool blue keyboard) is coming out with a competitor to the N52. Don't know if that will have better key action or not, but I'm happy with my MS natural keyboard the way it is, so unless it offers some new huge benefit, I don't see myself switching anytime soon.

                  Oh, and if the original poster was talking about an actual XBox or PS2 like gamepad, all I can say is "Ewwwwww...." :weird: Keyboard + mouse is *far* superior for fps play.


                    My N52 buttons were never stiff. And I agree with the thumb button... it's not in a good place. I use my MX518 'forward' button on the side of the mouse to jump.

                    It's a pretty good setup if you ask me.


                      The Zboard is also very nice, but sorry I don't know any good gamepads. Although I did try the Nyko Airflo once. It was nice and breezy.