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New Patch After 3355??

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    Originally posted by Smood
    What they definately need to fix is the sound levels constantly resetting when ever you enter the menu during gameplay. Like many people I set my soundvolume=5 from 1 in my .ini because the sound is just too low amplitude wise.

    Now when I go into a menu during gaming, my sound shouldnt go back to the stock 1, it should stay at the value indicated in the ini, even if that value is greater then 100%.
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      calm down dude. You dont have to repeat yourself multiple times to get a point across, theres no point in ranting on yourself about whether this guy believes you or not, cause either way everything you say in here isnt always viewed objectively, therefore everyone can have an opinion of their own. If you got a problem with the dude, just take it into private messaging rather than retarded flaming 2 paragraphs long.

      Anyhow, whether all the damage occured from before or not, doesnt make a difference, what matters is whats wrong with it now, as we can only look forward from there.


        Originally posted by Nirvelli
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          Thank you for your calm response.

          Since I do believe there have been changes, I don't want to spend time organizing all the data I have gathered about how things operate under patch 3355, on my machine and the servers I play on, if a new patch is coming out soon.

          My actual interest is, " Is there any reliable information about a patch coming out soon -- say in the next 2-3 months?"

          Thanks for bringing me back to topic.


            dude, ive already tested your idea, ITS WRONG i played around on a fresh install, mine layer was not a one hit kill weapon of 200 damage.
            i do like how you story seems to have lots of holes too

            By May 12, 2004, patch 3204 had already been released and the data are different than when UT2k4 was first released

            Mine Layer does 200 points of damage. This remained true even under patch 3270.

            Well isnt this a bit of a conrtadiction in data?

            your book was never right, even under the origonal relese, also that that thread is inaccurate about the InstaGib Shock Rifle = Death. instagib actully has a set damage value of 1000.

            to the topic of a new patch i have not heard any details about it,




                RoadKill -- how many weapons? Some changed a bit in patch 3204. M.L. did not change. More weapons changed in patch 3270. Mine Layer did not.

                But let's cut to the chase. I provided 2 objective links that substantiated what I said. The book acknowledges specific people at Atari/Epic for giving him data, etc. Now it is your turn to provide 2 objective links, dated before patch 3323 came out, which substantiate what you say -- that the M.L. never ever did 200 points of damage. Certainly with all the people reading the book, including Atari/Epic people who contributed data to the author, would make some post somewhere about the inaccuracies.

                I believe the phrase is, "Put up or shut up." That ends this thread, you will not find anything objective that conclusively supports your opinion. You will make no post.


                  ok you want real proof? i looked at the code on the minelayer



                  Max Damage a Mine can ever do is 142
                  These Values are the same in both 3189 and 3339


                  i would realy like to see wat you can pull out of your *** now to defend yourself. this is as objective as the info comes

                  i guess your book is WRONG go cry:cry:


                    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have been wondering why this stunt of simpletons wasn't pulled out of a wanna-be-a-nerd pocket protector much sooner.

                    How many other statements are there about the mine layer in the original code? Which ones of these have a controlling interaction with code that sets amount of splash damage? Which ones are inadvertantly controlled by vehicle damage code which results in recurring splash damage, that is, splash damage causes more splash damage? Ditto in regard to soldiers. Hint: the sequence in which code is run might hold part of the key. To narrow it down even further, one clue is that there originally was no difference in damage by the ML to vehicles or to soldiers, when the code clearly states damage to vehicles should be 50% higher. That might be too big of a hint.

                    I hope you actually do not believe you can pull out a couple lines of code and say that is how the game works. If that was true, then there would be no need for patches I do not dispute that the lines you point out are what the programmers intended. But they were not able to track down where the unintended interactions were causing damage of 200 instead of what they intended, until several patches later.

                    Here are more hints: compare the original source code for every weapon and compare it to actual performance (as stated in the Prima book, since you don't have my handwritten charts of my test results). Which ones function differently than intended? This is practically giving away the store. Up until a recent patch, Flak Secondary did 142 points of damage. You'll find this in the book and posted all over the place in various forums and manuals, but is that what is in the code? Do you notice anything about the variation in numbers? Hint: one of the key numbers for Mine Layer is 2.222222 Now look at actual performance today of these particular weapons and see what you notice in comparision to what the code is. In actual performance in a game, you will find that the ML actually does 142 damage, not the expected 145. Why is this? Have we seen this number before? You will need to look at the key numbers (or ratios of numbers) for this group of weapons and just sit and look at them, then maybe you will see the pattern.

                    Eureka! Welcome to the world of patches and unintended interactions and consequences! And that's why I asked my question: will there be a new patch soon? If everything operated as expected, there'd be no bugs and no need for patches.

                    The book was right, even though it shouldn't be. It got patched. For Mine Layer and Flak Cannon and some others.


                      Are you done spamming and argueing about how much damage the spider mines do? Im sure some of us couldnt care less about how much damage those do(cause spiders were the worst addition to ut). im wondering more about how dead on hits with a rocket or flak ball see sort of randomized at times when it comes to damage. what im refering to there is how a single rocket out of 3 in a spread fire can do over 100 damage or how a single flak ball hit can do over 140 damage when (iirc) neither of them should do more then ~95(r)/~130(f) on a single hit.

                      Anyway. Maybe that new patch dr. sin hinted on is taking a while cause theyre fixing some or all of that huge bug list thread. but thats wishful thinking there...


                        Originally posted by conqui
                        Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have been wondering why this stunt of simpletons wasn't pulled out of a wanna-be-a-nerd pocket protector much sooner.
                        Well mister simpleton, time to bring on your proof. There won't be a patch any time soon, Epic is far too busy with UT2007 and Gears of War.


                          Still waiting for the links to extrernal verification, not your opinion, that the ML never did 200 points of damage. An alternative is to show that there has never been a patch that had anything to do with the ML or the Flak and the other weapons which are quoted often in these forums (or links from these forums) as functioning just as the book said, but the source code says differently and these weapons function differently now than they did when the game first came out..

                          So your opinion is that there will not be another patch the near future? I hope that is true.

                          Some of the randomness in how weapons function is not a bug, in my opinion, because it is more realistic. Ask any soldier who has fired weapons in actual combat if the amount of damage from every shot is identical in every firefight, he will either laugh at you or look at you in disbelief that you expect 100% consistency.

                          I believe some "controlled randomness" has been deliberately introducted to prepare us for the new Conquest gametype. To be more realistic.



                            You don't have any proof at all and you're just making up more and more outraguous reasons to even contradict the gamecode itself.


                              Originally posted by NotoriousBIC

                              You don't have any proof at all and you're just making up more and more outraguous reasons to even contradict the gamecode itself.
                              you can check for yourself the values, there not my opinions.

                              you hug that book as if its the bible, you have been blinded by it, it is wrong yet you still insist in it being right.
                              could you ever kill a guy with one mine with full health? cus i tryed and it doesnt happen, two mines cant destory a scopian. you can go test it.
                              do you realy want demos of me throwing mines at a person as proof?

                              maybe this final link has the proof you need that you are wrong. because logical conclusions dont work with you


                                Originally posted by ll0rt
                                I quote myself. Who gives a flying **** about the spiders??? The hardware audio and voice chat incompatibility is what they really need to fix and I am not going to stop complaining about it until it is done!!!!!!!! :cry: :cry: :cry: