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    I just wanted to say how impressed I am with this gaming community for UT2004. Not only is this the best FPS I have played to date, but the players here also make it an awesom gaming experience. Everyone may be out for blood when it's game time, but even the best players here will offer advise to th new ones like myself. Congrats to all those that make this a pleasant and competitive game. I just quit playing a FPS from Novalogic and that community just stinks. Here's an example of the junk you can find in their forum:

    "I was looking at the Top list under players and saw myself on a few of the lists...

    9th place - Most Killz

    8th place - Most Exp

    14th place - AAS takeovers (For those biotch'z that think im a camper lol)

    15th place - Most Deaths

    24th place - Most Dedicated

    Now im not saying im the greatest or any such lame-0 ****....but I thought for the longest time ya had to be really really good to make those lists......YOU JUST HAVE TO HAVE NO LIFE AND PLAY JO for a WEEK STRAIT !!!

    In Short, Im Crushed... I though l337'z only made those lists.

    What your guys opinion ?"

    Again, thanks to everyone for not writing this ****!



      Just trying to show everyone the quality (or lack of) of threads on other FPS message boards. Just wanted to compliment everyone here for not posting that type of stuff.


        I want 10 grammes of whatever he is having.