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How do you get better with the goo gun? (And also NON-hitscan weapons)

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    if the bot does the same jump each time it no longer becomes prediction because you know where the bot will be and when.


      Originally posted by Drunk Penguin
      Is it just me, or does using hitscan alot make your rocket launcher and flak cannon skills decrease?
      Didn't for me. I'm just l33t with both


        Originally posted by Envy-
        if the bot does the same jump each time it no longer becomes prediction because you know where the bot will be and when.
        Not necessarily. The angle is really what matters. You can move all around the place where the bot lands, and you get different effects ech time. The bot (for reasons unbeknownst to me) sometimes jumps farther than other times too. If I were to keep my crosshairs in the same spot, I doubt the bot would pass through it in two consecutive jumps.

        It's also just handy to practice dodging its rockets and flak.

        You can also add more liftexits in various places, too, obviously.


          Originally posted by AmonRe
          This thread affects me because I am horrible with spam weapons (except flak secondary for some reason *shrugs*)

          I guess I would ask... is there a formula for predicting movement? What do players usually do? For example... I notice that sometimes if a player is moving left and I fire a rocket to the right then they sometimes will dodge right into it like a reflex.... makes them look stupid too. Are there any other ways that players tend to move? Signs to look for? Many ppl here talk about predicition, but not many have tried to break it down....

          just curious...

          Related issue... because the answer to one question might answer the other. What are things that some of you do in order to be less predictable in your footwork? I lay off of jumps/dbl jumps (unless moving through map quickly) and I mostly strafe and dodge. What are some of your 'moves'? I know the answer to these questions can't be 100% exact, but humans are creatures of habit and we tend to do things the same way or mimic others w/o knowing. I also know you rocket whores are hiding some info from me

          I don't know if anybody's said this but when you're in a fight and the other person is dodge jumping you can always shoot where they're going to land. Also like you said above, people sometimes get into a rythm when they're dodging. Take advantage of that. Other then that there are cheep shots like putting goo on powerups as people are going to them to pick them up.

          If someone is running just shoot the goo where they are going. If the blob misses them you can switch to another weapon and take advantage of them having little space for running or dodging.

          Asuming you're talking about playing in pubs, there are always opertunities to shoot globs of goo at people from above or below for easy kills... or groups of people fighting, not realising that you've got a big goooy suprise waiting for them. Doublekills and multikills are what seperate you from the guys who are getting one kill at a time.



            havnt read the other posts but this is what WORKS:

            as for yourself you dont wanna get hit that much, so that would be more controller movement, not so random and insane, just normal jumping around, eventually singledodges, not all that walldodge and jumpdodge because that makes you flie and make you an easy target

            on the other hand, you want to catch your opponent offguard and bio him in the middle of an dodge, same goes for alot of other guns.

            so 25% of it is your own movement, and 50% of your opponents movement and 25% of your aim, i would say.