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    They could have just said "SUCKER". Would that have been more appropriate? They just might have thought you had a good game considering the scenario. Lighten up!


      #17 the world of today where in schools "nobody looses" and they have to make all the kids WINNERS...can you expect any less when someone looses....THEY DONT KNOW HOW TO TAKE LOOSING...loosing is part of LIFE...GET OVER IT..If mommy and daddy didnt teach you got ripped


        bla bla bla bla, blaaa bla bla.


          I'm often the guilty party of saying 'BG' when a match goes all to hell. I mainly play VCTF (with a dabble of ONS, CTF, DM, etc...) and one of the biggest problems in the pubs is the Blue Syndrome. All the 'good' players tend to set their preferred team to blue so you'll often end up with virtually the same team playing on blue map after map.

          Of course if you raise this issue they tend to tell you to shut up, be quiet, get some skill, don't whine, etc. And when the match ends, 5-0, they have the balls to say 'GG'. And of course, since I preferred team to none I often end up as red so I am more than happy to return them a very resounding, 'BG'. 5-0 isn't a good game. 5-0 is a slaughter. 5-0 deserves a 'geez, sorry for porking you in the pooper so gosh darn hard'.


            its more that its polite really. besides you may have a different definition of a good game.

            say u were having an off day, not hitting as many shots, you prolly wouldn't consider taht a good game; but waht about the other people on ur team, or everyone else for taht matter? what if they had alot of fun? that would be a good game to them.

            also, saying BG at the end of a match just shows taht ur a poor loser and that u have bad sportsman ship


              It is the correct thing to do regardless of teams ,score etc it shows class and it says you are a good sport,something sadly lacking in this game...i get owned probably 75 % of the time and have for over 6 years but i always say GG at the end ....


                Re: Re: Why oh why

                Originally posted by fuegerstef
                For me it is something like sportsmanship. It's the online equivalent of shaking hands at the end of a Soccer match.
                That's exactly it. "GG" doesn't just mean "good game," it means "thanks for playing with me, I had fun and I hope you did too... we ought to do it some more." Furthermore, at the end of a lopsided match, "GG" is a helluva lot more polite than saying, "OMGWTF U R ALL N00BS!!! LOLOLOLOL!!! GAWD U PPL SUCK!!!"

                Saying "BG" or whining about how the teams sucked or PlayerX was spamming the voice chat or the map was ghey or PlayerY h4x or whatever is just rude. If the final score is that off- kilter, I think everybody knows it wasn't the greatest game ever. No need to make a bad thing worse by belaboring the point.

                It's all about the manners...

                *edit* Now, if the game actually was a really good one, I'll say it. "Nice game, well played all" or "Holy **** that was fun."


                  Originally posted by DoctorB
                  Well Frosty that's bull **it and you know it. If you don't like the skills of the people on your team what do you do? Switch teams to the leet side? Of course not. (Sadly I've seen that from others all too often). Waste time and feelings buy yelling "N00Bs" at them? (Seen too much of that also). **** and moan at the end of the game? (Been there seen too much of that.) Go to a different server — I guess the best solution.

                  As to being busy with the game — well that's why I'm there — to play. Period.
                  Busy with the game? Oh come off it - it's not all that difficult to remain aware of the current teams status. Dont act like an idiot - if you're experienced enough to play well then you're more than capable of keeping tabs on the teams too.

                  Now then - onto the flesh of the matter ... n00bs, newbs, new players, inexperienced players.
                  Up until about a month I made a point of actually helping new players out, instead of giving them a barrage of insults and complaints like so many others do. Why did I stop? I'm in Canada on holiday, that's why.

                  Taking 10/15 mins out of your hectic gaming schedule to actually teach a new player the basics of the game, movement, shooting, node control and building, vehicular skills, manta squishing, raptor-dumping from on high while brandishing your shiney new redeemer above an enemy node... everything that will actually make a difference to them in the heat of battle.

                  Why not try helping them instead of bettering your own stats, your score means very little in ONS. I've played clan games where I ended the game in single figure scores, even MINUS scores, while others were above 100, and still I was a major part of the team's strategy. I dont care for points, I care for teamwork.


                    I only speak for myself.

                    If i had a GG, I'll say "GG".


                      Originally posted by Princess_Frosty
                      I dont think anyone here is claimings its the n00bs fault thats really a bit silly, and they shouldnt see the brunt of all this, although admitadly its quite hard to keep your cool when it appears 90% of your team is n00bs, thats just taking the ****.

                      Its the good players who really should accept the responsability of switching now and again to help out, especially when then teams are that unfair.
                      true - i'm being a bit hotheaded ... apologies

                      I do agree with you though. It's the more skilled/experienced players that should be trying to fix the unbalanced teams.


                        Thank God for new players since without new players taking up the game and sticking with it there would soon be no game at all. It's no fun beating down new players but it is a hell of a blast seeing someone get the point of ONS and start to link every chance they get. It's great to hear them say "Wow that was a blast!" I get peeved to see people just drop out of a match seemingly just because they are not on the winning team (but then again their significant other may have just said "Get off the computer or sleep on the couch tonight!" — probably never happens anyone here ).


                          Why oh why. Not.

                          Would your rather hear.

                          You guys suck. We whipped you like you stole something.

                          Personally I would rather have the gg.


                            i regularly play 1v1 dm and everyone who plays 1v1 knows that sometimes u just get straight slaughtered, im talking 15 plus frags for ur opponent.

                            In those situations its tuff to say gg as it might of been routine for the other guy, but i chalk it up as a learning experience so i'll still say gg.

                            rofl actually saying gg in a 1v1 slaughtering is generally the standard these days, whats the point of continuing when theres 2 mins left for instance with 18-0 score line in favour of ur opponent, infact its more a godsend :haha:

                            with tdm its diff, if my team loses bad, i'll just quit at the end of the match without say gg, as its more ppl in the server, i see it as rude when theres only 2 ppl going head to head.


                              you could also say:


                              in fact, you could even say:


                              which means there is a homo behind you trying to get it on.


                                Well peoples that are saying things about sore losers and such

                                I am not a sore loser, I don't like losing naturally. But i don't whine about it in game, i bring it to the forums

                                WHen i made this i had played maybe ten games, lost 7 of them ( i'm an accet to my team eh?)but there was 3 i played, where those players knew at the begining of each game what was going to happen.

                                No one switched, and that bothers me

                                where is the fun in that?

                                If i can't whine about losing, why should they get to win? i am mad because i lost. What about the guys who did that to win? arent they just as pethetic? playing only for the wins and score rather then a good fight and an actuall good game.

                                i'm not angry cause i lost, i'm angry because no one was decent enough to realize the teams were off- and or do something about it

                                I'm talking about 3v1 4v1 2v4 and so on, games like that are lame as hell and the people that dont switch are just as lame as the people whining because they lost