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WASD ppl, what key do you use to jump?

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    i use all standard keys apart from mouse thumbs for talk

    mouse sensitivity i think 2.5 or something insane


      Originally posted by Psych0r4y
      I've always used the arrowkeys + right ctrl for jumping.
      Me too. :up:
      It´s a great jump button for us arrow-buttons users.


        SPACE The final frontier.

        oh and WASD


          WASD & the Space Bar


            Originally posted by Jes
            Wow. I use the exact same mouse layout, but with arrow keys (old-skool) and shift for crouch.
            I used to do that, and still can with this keyboard. But I'd prefer to get intot he habit of using WASD, even if i have moments where I wonder why I'm not moving right and realise I've shifted two keys right.

            Yes, those are arrow keys on the left hand side of the keyboard.




                I use my RMB for jump (as mentioned earlier) but I use SPACE for 2ndary fire.

                I might even consider moving primary fire to the keyboard at some point because using the mouse to fire incurs a little shift in aim when you press the buttons (in many cases).

                Then again, maybe I can't be arsed with getting used to that


                  Shift for jump

                  why would i use space, thats my shock rifle :P


                    space is jump

                    then again, z is left, x is right, alt is crouch, left mouse is forward, right mouse is back, ctrl is fire, shift is alt fire, so I don't even qualify to answer this question. I like it though.





                        Space for Jump


                          WASD + Space for jump

                          I'm may change jump to the right mouse button though.... It looks like it could be easier.


                            The reason most people use WASD is partly out of habit, but it's also cause you've got lots of other buttons near it. The arrow keys are more or less separated from the other buttons, so your thumb isn't resting on anything.

                            I use the WASD keys, and use space to jump (thumb rests there) and ctrl to crouch.. Exept I just realised my pinky rests on shift, not ctrl, so I'm gonna switch to that.. ctrl must be a halo habit :P


                              zqsd for movement + middle mouse for jump


                                Originally posted by Jake-SF

                                I would NEVER use right click to jump, this is awfull, how can I fire then?? To me at least, it doesn't sound logical : except if you got a good mouse for it, but that something else...

                                most people have adopted the MX510 which has 8 buttons plus the scroll wheel (i think). I use

                                RMB = jump
                                button right below the scroll = secondary fire
                                LMB = primary fire

                                scroll up = LG
                                scroll down = SR
                                thumb fwd = flak
                                thumb bak = rox
                                etc etc...

                                my middle finger stays on the RMB for jumping and my index finger can do all the firing etc. almost all weps are bound to the mouse (when you are switching weps you aren't firing) meaning i don't have to remove my finger from movement keys EVER... and we all know how important staying mobile is in this game. it seems very logical to me...