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    Originally posted by Richyb
    22surf i know this is way of base but when do you think your mod will happen this year or next?
    Hello Richyb,

    We're just getting the community underway, so it would be tough to complete a Dante's Inferno mod this year, but if one were to happen, great!

    What hope to do is offer a community and repository where mod teams can readily get access to art, talent, and mods to create better and better Dante's Infernos each year.

    Another part of this project is using Open Source Content Management systems to foster game development (Inspired by an philosophy).

    For instance, drop on by:

    where we'll be discussing the game creation as it gets underway.

    Feel free to sign up! Or sign up at

    Also, there's a gallery where we'll be posting art assetts.

    If you would like to post art assets, inspired by the different levels in Dante's Inferno, we'll give you a password to the gallery.

    We're just getting underway!!


      Interesting project, though, it seems challenging to make interesting and fun games out of most of these books.


        Hello BabyNuke

        Hello BabyNuke,

        It certainly won't be easy making high-quality games of these books, but it seems like a fun mountain to climb!

        By keeping a lot of work in the open modding community, it seems that over time cool games could be created and maintained.

        We can hardly wait for UT2007 and the Kismet Virtual Scripting System!!

        Join us at



          I'm going to die... this whole thread sounds like a press release... every single post by 22surf

          I die


            Just trying to get some ideas regarding how best to pursue games based on the Great Books. Thanks!