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    monitor repairs

    I am using a Sony Trinitron 17" CRT. I think the cable at the back is getting faulty, the screen sort of changes hues now and then...

    Anyone have any idea how much it would cost to repair this (assuming it is the cable?)

    Avg Flat rate for a 17 inch CRT is $150. Most parts are included in that except the really major ones.


      You can get a 17" LCD under $200 nowadays.


        I've had one of these do the same thing - there is a cure if its the monitor at fault.

        First, ensure that it IS the monitor at fault and not the cable. (Wiggle cable when its displaying fault to see if it affects it)

        (This was for a UK Sony Trinitron 17" CRT)

        If not, remove the monitor housing (<disclaimer>once its unplugged of course</disclaimer>) - you will see 3 metal prongs situated at the rear of the tube, that when the case is put in place, will touch a metal surface on the inside back of the case. Overtime, the contact points start to wear (you should see 3 slightly warn marks on the metal plate) and thus conductivity drops as resistance increases. Anyhow, I cured mine by simply "bending" the 3 prongs slightly to one side, thus making contact with unblemished metal.

        Hope this helps.


          If your in the uk,then pc world puts new lead on.

          Not to sure but i think they charge about £50..

          btw check the lead see if you haven`t bent any pins when pluging into your graphixs card.