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TZ recruiting for TAM and ONS

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    TZ recruiting for TAM and ONS

    Right now, my recruiting requirements are a good attitude, Tuesday and Thursday availability workable skills and an understanding of Teamwork and strats, and why strats are crucial.
    And YESSSSSS you need a mic.

    Specific roles needed are:
    Tank *****.
    strong DM (for TAM and ONS maps like Prime and Frost.)
    Raptor ***** (least needed, we think we have a Raptor *****, but we do not know his availability.)
    Manta - Were pretty set here.
    Hellbender - We have a bender guy, and we all seem obsessed with improving with it but if your the next Dresk, by all means, join us!

    We have talent out the ***, and it's swell but I need people who will buy into a strat and be at every practice.

    We are on the TAM ladder and we have 2-3 really good DM guys, there are a few of us ONS guys that are "passable" as subs, but we really would like some pure DM players to take over the regular TAM spots. We do have one really upper crust DM guy and 1-2 solid ones. If you have played against me in DM, I am not what I would consider solid. So if you beat my ***, that's good. You need to like ONS a little because right now we only have one AWESOME server and it is for ONS. We have 2 other servers that could be DM but no one would play there. We are an ONS first clan.

    Buddy list *TZ* to find us. We have a wide range of skills on the team, but if you can own Me, Broca or DocSavage, you could probably own us all. I named us three because were on the most, not "clearly the top 3"

    In DM, BaBYOctopus is our best guys, followed by Tigger. I suck at it. Play them to get and idea of the DM talent level here.

    Contact info is below. I think our forums might hurt us because they are not active, this is because you can't see the member only rooms, and that's where we all post. So anyway, when you stop by, it's not as dead as it looks. We can usually be found on our server playing ons. It's new from our sponsor XGS and it runs like a freaking dream.

    You need to have a sense of humor, or you will hate the living **** out of us.

    Currently we are # 6 on the TWL ONS ladder and we would like to expand to the IGL
    We are also on the TWL TAM ladder.
    Practice Tuesday and Thursday 9-10:30 EST.
    - Potential members must be 17+ please.
    - Team Speak provided
    - Servers provided
    - Forums provided
    - - Server Addy is ut2004://

    € or $ ????


      Originally posted by NiceTry
      how does the tag adding on the buddylist thing. cuz when i put add new buddy *TZ* i dont find anything.
      Maybe theyre not online at the moment.


        Originally posted by THAMIEL
        € or $ ????

        USA if thats what you were wondering...


          Originally posted by jqvander

          USA if thats what you were wondering...
          lol for the life of me I never remember to put na clan! :bulb:

          Thanks DOW. Heh..


            what ladders. I.E. clanbase,ogl,etc


              holy ****, this is like my worst post ever.. I left out everything.

              I added it to the top post, but we are currently #6 on the TWL ONS ladder

              and we compete on the TWL TAM ladder, we are looking to join the IGL, and have been for sometime. We figure 2-3 more "every day" players and we will start it.