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    Has anyone been able to (or even tried, for that matter) summon the Leviathan in DM games? I've tried but have been unsuccessful. Is this not possible in DM games, or is there some trick to it? Thanks.

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    Zoeff, Playersonly...

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    how to spawn the.... Goldmember?
    PS : frooooooooom, change your avatar you thief...

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    Originally posted by Zoeff
    Free ePie to anyone that can figure out how to replicate this!
    Just a stab in the dark... you summoned two right-hand assault rifles?

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    Thought the Toilet-vehicle was the most funniest after reading the
    Easter-Egg-thread but the bulldog is funny too :up:

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    i did that once but i forgot how

    Although you can't fire in both directions

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    Yeah that happened to me while summoning something.. my left arm broke.. I thought it was a bug with the current skin :weird:

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    ok.... while playing around with some other stuff... i got this!

    Look! I can cover the 50 Armor and the Shock Rifle area at the same time! :bulb:

    Free ePie to anyone that can figure out how to replicate this!

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    Note: This is what happens when you touch the wrong place of a Rocket Launcher.


    Someone broke my flak ball = someone will pay.

    Or not. I found a better ball.

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    Re: Summon everything!!!

    Originally posted by Merrell
    xWeapons.SeekingRocketProj Rocket that doesn't really "seek"
    That's the Rocket Launcher's homing rocket, but you need to lock it with the launcher.

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    nice mrrll incase your wonering its 2+2 (mrrll will get it) cya on ut

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    Originally posted by pielover87
    There's that much stuff?
    Actually UT2k4 has 2432 UScript controlled classes. Quite a few of those are abstract, but most should actually be spawnable. (not that you'd want to...)

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    There's that much stuff?

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  • started a topic Summon everything!!!

    Summon everything!!!

    Okay, I just got done typing this huge list from the UED
    99% of these work..or should.

    To summon something, press ~ and open the console or hit tab and type Summon then one of these! Caps do not matter.

    Weapons (Pickups):

    xWeapons.AssaultRiflePickup Assault Rifle pickup
    xWeapons.BioRiflePickup Bio Rifle Pickup
    UtClassic.SniperRiflePickup Sniper Rifle Pickup
    xWeapons.FlakCannonPickup Flak Cannon Pickup
    xWeapons.LinkGunPickup Link Gun Pickup
    xWeapons.MinigunPickup Minigun Pickup
    Onslaught.OnsAvrilPickup AVRiL Pickup
    Onslaught.GrenadePickup Grenade Launcher Pickup
    Onslaught.OnsMineLayerPickup Mine Layer Pickup
    xWeapons.PainterPickup Ion Painter Pickup
    OnslaughtFull.OnsPainterPickup Target Painter Pickup
    xWeapons.RedeemerPickup Redeemer Pickup
    xWeapons.RocketLauncherPickup Rocket Launcher Pickup
    xWeapons.ShieldGunPickup Shield Gun Pickup
    xWeapons.ShockRiflePickup Shock Rifle Pickup
    xWeapons.SniperRiflePickup Lightning Gun Pickup
    xWeapons.SuperShockRiflePickup Instagib Super Shock Rifle Pickup
    xWeapons.Transpickup Translocator Pickup

    UTClassic Weapons (Pickups)


    Ammo- (Pickups)

    xWeapons.AssaultAmmoPickup Assault Ammo Pickup
    xWeapons.BioAmmoPickup Bio Ammo Pickup
    UTClassic.ClassicSniperAmmoPickup Sniper Ammo Pickup
    xWeapons.FlakAmmoPickup Flak Ammo Pickup
    xWeapons.LinkAmmoPickup Link Ammo Pickup
    xWeapons.MinigunAmmoPickup Minigun Ammo Pickup
    Onslaught.OnsAVRiLAmmoPickup Anti Vehicle Rockets Pickup
    Onslaught.OnsGrenadeAmmoPickup Grenade Launcher Ammo Pickup
    Onslaught.OnsMineAmmoPickup Mine Layer Ammo Pickup
    xWeapons.RocketAmmoPickup Rocket Launcher Ammo Pickup
    xWeapons.ShockAmmoPickup Shock Rifle Ammo Pickup
    xWeapons.SniperAmmoPickup Lightning Gun Ammo Pickup

    Items (Shieldpacks, Adrenaline, etc)

    xPickups.AdrenalinePickup Adrenaline Pickup
    xPickups.ShieldPack Small Shield Pack
    xPickups.SuperShieldPack Super Shield Pack
    xPickups.HealthPack Normal Health Pack
    xPickups.MiniHealthPack Health Vial
    xPickups.SuperHealthPack Big Keg o' Health Pickup
    xPickups.UDamagePack Double Damage Pack
    xGame.UDamageReward Makes you turn purple.. no effect (Pickup)

    Projectiles: (Bullets, Grenades, Plasma, etc)

    xWeapons.BioGlob Bio Rifle Goop
    UTClassic.ClassicBioGlob Bio Rifle Goop
    UT2k4AssaultFull.FX_SpaceFighter_InstantHitLaser Non-effective laser
    xWeapons.FlakChunk Flak Particle from primary fire
    UTClassic.ClassicFlakChunk Same as Flak Chunk
    xWeapons.FlakShell Flak Grenade
    UTClassic.ClassicFlakShell Flak Grenade
    SkaarjPack.GasBagBelch Fire shot from the GasBag
    xWeapons.Grenade Assault Rifle Grenade
    SkaarjPack.KrallBolt Krall Bolt
    SkaarjPack.EliteKrallBolt Elite Krall Bolt
    xWeapons.LinkProjectile Link Gun Primary Fire Shot
    Onslaught.OnsAVRiLRocket AVRiL Rocket
    Onslaught.OnsAttackCraftMissle Raptor Missile
    OnslaughtFull.OnsBomb A Dragonfly bomb that drops and explodes on impact
    OnslaughtFull.OnsBomberRocketProjectile Rocket a Dragonfly fires
    Onslaught.OnsGrenadeProjectile Grenade Launcher grenade, detonate with one of your own
    OnslaughtFull.OnsMASRocketProjectile Blue rocket that the levithian fires
    Onslaught.OnsMineProjectileBlue Blue spider mine (Explodes on impact)
    Onslaught.OnsMineProjectileRed Red spider mine (Explodes on impact)
    Onslaught.OnsAttackCraftPlasmaProjectileBlue Raptor primary fire plasma
    Onslaught.OnsAttackCraftPlasmaProjectileRed Raptor primary fire plasma
    Onslaught.OnsHoverBikePlasmaProjectile Manta primary fire plasma
    OnslaughtFull.OnsMASPlasmaProjectile Levithian turret plasma fire
    Onslaught.OnsManualGunPlasmaProjectile Blue plasma
    Onslaught.OnsRvWebProjectile Green web from scorpion primary fire
    Onslaught.OnsRvWebProjectileLeader Same as above
    Onslaught.OnsRocketProjectile Goliath tank fire
    UT2k4AssaultFull.PROJ_LinkTurret_Plasma Link turret primary fire
    UT2k4Assault.PROJ_Sentinel_Laser Sentinel laser fire
    UT2k4Assault.PROJ_Sentinel_Laser_Red Sentinel laser fire
    UT2k4Assault.PROJ_SpaceFighter_Rocket Spacefighter secondary fire rocket
    UT2k4AssaultFull.PROJ_TurretSkaarjPlasma Spacefighter primary fire plasma
    UT2k4AssaultFull.PROJ_TurretSkaarjPlasma_Red Same as above
    xWeapons.RedeemerProjectile Redeemer Missile
    OnslaughtFull.OnsAutoBomberBomb Redeemer like missile called in from airstrike attacks
    xWeapons.RocketProj Rocket launcher fire
    SkaarjPack.BruteRocket Brute Rocket
    xWeapons.SeekingRocketProj Rocket that doesn't really "seek"
    Vehicles.BulldogRocket Another rocket
    SkaarjPack.WarlordRocket Warlord's rocket
    xWeapons.ShockProjectile Shock core
    UTClassic.ClassicShockProjectile Shock core
    Onslaught.OnsSkyMine Skymine
    SkaarjPack.SkaarjProjectile Skaarj's green shock core
    SkaarjPack.FireSkaarjProjectile Skaarj's red shock core
    SkaarjPack.IceSkaarjProjectile Skaarj's blue shock core
    UTClassic.TracerProjectile Mysterious flakchunk-like projectile that doesn't hurt
    xWeapons.TransBeacon Translocator Beacon
    xWeapons.BlueBeacon Translocator Beacon
    xWeapons.RedBeacon Translocator Beacon
    UTClassic.ClassicRedBeacon Translocator Beacon
    UTClassic.ClassicBlueBeacon Translocator Beacon

    Vehicles, Turrets, and Sentinels:

    Ut2k4AssaultFull.AsTurret_BallTurret Turrets from AS-Mothership
    Ut2k4AssaultFull.AsTurret_IonCannon Ion cannon
    Ut2k4AssaultFull.AsTurret_LinkTurret Link Turret
    Ut2k4Assault.ASTurret_Minigun Minigun Turret
    Ut2k4Assault.ASVehicle_Sentinel_Ceiling Ceiling Sentinel
    Ut2k4Assault.ASVehicle_Sentinel_Floor Floor Sentinel
    Ut2k4AssaultFull.ASVehicle_Spacefighter_Human Human Spacefighter, flies instantly, press
    Ut2k4AssaultFull.ASVehicle_Spacefighter_Skaarj (Continued from above)"Use" to get in.
    Vehicles.Bulldog A bulldog that you can't drive around
    Onslaught.OnsAttackCraft Raptor
    Onslaught.OnsHoverBike Manta
    OnslaughtFull.OnsBomber Dragonfly
    Onslaught.OnsHoverTank Goliath Tank
    OnslaughtFull.OnsHoverTank_IonPlasma Ion Plasma Tank
    OnslaughtFull.OnsGenericSD TC-1200 Secret Toilet Vehicle
    OnslaughtFull.OnsMobileAssaultStation Levithian
    Onslaught.ONSPRV Hellbender
    Onslaught.ONRV Scorpion


    Skaarjpack.Monster Monster with a jakob skin that follows you
    Skaarjpack.Brute Brute
    Skaarjpack.Behemoth Behemoth
    Skaarjpack.Gasbag Gasbag
    Skaarjpack.Krall Krall
    Skaarjpack.EliteKrall Elite Krall
    Skaarjpack.Manta Manta
    Skaarjpack.Razorfly Razorfly
    Skaarjpack.Skaarj Skaarj
    Skaarjpack.FireSkaarj Fire Skaarj
    Skaarjpack.IceSkaarj Ice Skaarj
    Skaarjpack.SkaarjPupae Pupae
    Skaarjpack.WarLord Warlord
    BonusPack.xMutantPawn Same as but it doesn't move and is spread out during spawn

    Other things and such:

    Onslaughtfull.OnsAutoBomber Immitates an airstrike, only summon it in a large area
    xEffects.ShockCombo Shock combo effect- no damage
    BonusPack.CrateActor Crate which is normally used with the "camoflauge" adrenaline combo
    xGame.Landmine Landmine, kills anything that walks over it
    xGame.xBombDeliveryHole The same effect as a BR goal, kills anything instantly that goes through it
    xEffects.TankVictim Summons a man that just got shot by a tank..ouch
    xGame.xBombFlag Summons a bombing run ball in the center of the map
    xGame.xRedFlagxBlueFlag summons a flag in the middle of map and doesn't appear until you touch it

    Hope that helped a lot of you who needed to know how to summon one thing or another.