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    Re: Summon everything!!!

    Originally posted by Merrell

    UTClassic Weapons (Pickups)

    you can summon the classic weapons in 2k4?


      Re: Re: Summon everything!!!

      Originally posted by Juggalo_Kyle
      you can summon the classic weapons in 2k4?
      They're just modified versions of the UT2k4 weapons.


        thx! I was looking for some of this commands.



          Originally posted by placebo
          Yes. Either make a copy of that map in your Maps folder and rename it ONS-exandsuch, or, load up any Onslaught map, and then type into the console "open DM-exandsuch", and you'll be able to spawn vehicles since the vehicle files were loaded with the ONS map.
          Ahhhhh… I see now. Thanks!


            You can also summon all of the effects in the game, new player pawns, almost any actor in unrealed (though many are invisible), and anything from an installed 3rd party package.

            Good list though


              I didn't include the xeffects because they don't show up in online play..

              well I guess since some people want to try it offline.. I'll make a big list of xeffects..Its 3am here now, so I'll hold that off til tomorrow


                Originally posted by Zoeff
                ok.... while playing around with some other stuff... i got this!


                Look! I can cover the 50 Armor and the Shock Rifle area at the same time! :bulb:

                Free ePie to anyone that can figure out how to replicate this!

                -Get in the action
                -Loaded and Freezeall/Playersonly in console
                -Turn 180°

                Got a "Pic of the Day" at UT200XFiles last year :noob:


                  Sorry for the bump, but I was playing a few games as I returned this week, and several people requested me to bump this and add some of my setting codes.

                  I found some neat set commands along with the summoning, so if you're offline, don't include Admin, but if online, include Admin with Set.

                  Most of these may not work in single player, you receive some kind of "Not Allowed!" error, but I'm positively sure they work online.
                  (Put admin before if using adminplus!)
                  ### = insert a number, and • are just the bullets.

                  Vehicle Modifying
                  •Set OnsWheeledCraft bAllowChargingJump = True
                  --Allows Scorpion, Levithian, the Toilet, Hellbender, SPMA, and the Paladin to do the hold shift jump.

                  •Set OnsWheeledCraft MaxJumpForce ###
                  --Modify how high the charging jump will actually jump! 200000 by default. (Funny watching the toilet car jumping 500 feet in the air)

                  •Set OnsRvWebLauncher MaxProjectiles ###
                  --After fully charging the scorpions web launcher, it will shoot ### amount of the green balls out. Default is 7

                  •Set OnsAttackCraftGun FireInterval ###
                  --Modifys how fast the plasma fire of the Raptors will fire. .0005 for ultra-fast shooting.

                  •Set OnsHoverTank maxthrust 10000
                  --Flying Goliath! Just send it off of a ramp or something, you need it off the ground.

                  •Set Vehicle bTeamLocked False
                  --Unlocks all vehicles (While true will lock all of them[Depends on team])

                  Weapons and such(these are the ones that work with an admin mutator (Such as AdminPlus, but may not work in single player.)

                  Set ShockBeamFire firerate ### (default .7)
                  Set ShockBeamFire Spread ### (default 0)
                  Set FlakFire ProjPerFire ### (Default 8)

                  Set pickup respawntime .0001
                  --instant item respawn time, for all item pickups.

                  Set MiniHealthPack healthamount ###
                  --Will set the amount of health a Vial gives you. Set it to negative to harm someone

                  Set ShieldPickup ShieldAmount ###
                  --Same as above

                  Actually, I'm just going to wait for requests on what they think has a set command.

                  Just ask what weapon, vehicle, or something you want to change what what it is that wants to be changed, and I'm sure there will be a set command...


                    Originally posted by Merrell
                    Set ShockBeamFire firerate ### (default .7)
                    Can't be changed in InstantAction
                    Kinda sucks too, it was fun loading up a map full of bots with RL's with a firerate of 0


                      Yeah.. I gave a few warnings.. it sucks how the weapon changes can't be made in instant action .

                      They do work for vehicles though..
                      Set OnsAttackCraftGun firerate ###

                      Bah, I need to go look at the others
                      EDIT: Ok:
                      Set OnsAttackCraftGun fireinterval ### (Raptor)
                      Set OnsArtilleryCannon fireinterval ### (SPMA)
                      Set OnsBombDropper fireinterval ### (Dragonfly maybe?)
                      Set ONSDualACGatlingGun fireinterval ### (Cicida belly-turret)
                      Set ONSHoverBikePlasmaGun fireinterval ### (manta)
                      OnsMasCannon (Levi...blast fire)
                      OnsMasRocketPack (Levi rockets)
                      OnsMasSideGun (Corner Levi turrets)


                        I have some:
                        set ONSMineLayer MaxMines n
                        set ONSGrenadeLauncher MaxGrenades n
                        set TransLauncher AmmoChargeMax n
                        set TransLauncher AmmoChargeRate ammo-per-second

                        Originally posted by Boksha
                        Actually UT2k4 has 2432 UScript controlled classes. Quite a few of those are abstract, but most should actually be spawnable. (not that you'd want to...)
                        Is that including non-Actor classes? (i.e. any class extending from Object but not Actor.) There are a lot of those... only Actor classes can be spawned.
                        Originally posted by placebo
                        load up any Onslaught map, and then type into the console "open DM-exandsuch", and you'll be able to spawn vehicles since the vehicle files were loaded with the ONS map.
                        If you're going to take that approach, change it to:
                        open DM-exandsuch?game=Onslaught.ONSOnslaughtGame

                        Then you can go straight from any gametype (or the menus) to Onslaught in a DM map.

                        I'm sure there was a mutator out there somewhere that allows vehicles in DM... I think it was called "Allow Vehicles" :bulb:


                          I don't think Onslaught.ONSHoverBike works. Can someone please confirm this?


                            Originally posted by Denier-of-Soup
                            I don't think Onslaught.ONSHoverBike works. Can someone please confirm this?
                            summon Onslaught.ONSHoverBike works, as long as the game-type allows vehicles.

                            I'd recommend being in ghost mode before summoning it, though...


                              It worked. This summoning stuff is fun. >