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Ok Honestly, Serious help needed Please on New Computer (Video Card)

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    Ok Honestly, Serious help needed Please on New Computer (Video Card)

    I'm a very knowledgeable computer user, but I'm having trouble as I'm building my first computer.
    I have decided right now that I want:

    a.) this motherboard and processor bundle:

    b.) and a power colour 128 mb ddr (ati) radeon 9600 pro. (Should I get the XT?)

    I really need to know if this mobo is compatible with the radeon 9600 pro.

    Also, Will I be able to play at 1024 x 768 resolution, everything maxed with 40+ fps? I dont really care too much for aa or af.
    And will I be able to play at high resolutions and maxed details for hl2, ut2004, doom3 and other dx 9 games in 2004 with playable (30+) framerates? Keep in mind I'll have 512 mb ddr 2700 kingston memory also. I only have 175$ to spend on a new video card, so please make any suggestions other than the radeon 9600 pro.

    Any help is welcome. I really feel like I'm over my head in building my own comp since this is my first custom built computer, and I havent upgraded since 2000. I will be overseeing everything from the case to the colour of the power supply.

    Feedback is appreciated, thanks.

    sorry for the long post, peace

    The motherboard has an agp 4x slot in it so it will work. The newer motherboards come with agp 8x slots, so you might want to look into that. Other than that it should work.

    I haven't had any experience with the 9600, but I know in ati's lineup the XT models are better so if you can spend the extra money get the XT, if not then I would at least get the 9600 pro and pass on the non pro, but hopefully someone that has experience with the 9600 will answer, I have a 9700 pro so I don't know how the 9600 works.

    Also, you might want to head over to and see if you can put something better together for cheaper or maybe 50 dollars more. That motherboard you have seems extremely dated and I've never heard of that manufacturer.


      thanks for the reply, Illl try that.


        If money is an issue then you may want to look into buying a pre-built computer.

        You can get a much better spec for much less money. I had my heart set on building my own PC, but it worked out a lot cheaper when buying a pre-built computer.

        As Scat said you might want to look at a newer mobo with agp 8x.

        The bundle you have chosen is very cheap and a good deal. Good luck with your building


          thanks Xirtam.

          I now see this Amd mobo + processor bundle.....

          any good?

          Will this chipset be compatible with my radeon 9600 pro?

          I also saw a 256 mb version of the radeon 9600 pro, it was a powercolour

          Is it just me....or is that a good deal?

          thanks for the feeback, peace


            Question, sorry for using ure thread btw

            If i buy an 8x graphics card are they backwards compatible to 4x motherboards????


              175 price range, look for a 9600 pro or 9700 pro or 5600 ultra (256 and 400ramdac, NOT the 350 cheaper card which is ****).


                Originally posted by =ReApEr=[FatZ]
                Question, sorry for using ure thread btw

                If i buy an 8x graphics card are they backwards compatible to 4x motherboards????
                Yes, AFAIK it should work. The only thing that would happen is that you won't have as fast data transfer between mobo and card I guess.


                  DON'T get a Radeon 9600pro 256mb most of them r slower then the 9600pro 128mb
                  most manufacturers use slower memory for the 256mb versions
                  so they can make them cheaper
                  i think a few manufacturers r gonna make 256mb versions with the faster memory but dunno if they r out yet
                  and the card aint really fast enough to use that much memory anyway



                    If you get Radeon 9600 XT, make sure you get 256-bit memorybus version, which is not out yet. Sapphiretech was going to release such card later on. Regular XT is not that much faster than 9600 Pro. Best performance card at the moment is 9800 non-pro, not too expensive (sub 300 euros/dollars) and great performance. If I were you, I'd invest bit more on videocard, that would last quite a long time for you. 128mb memory is enough for now, especially if you buy 9600 series card.



                      Hey xirtam

                      Where are you from , because where i come from ( Uk ) .Its cheaper to biuild your own pc then buy a pre-built one.

                      Building your own is a much better option . Cheaper , and you can get the exact spec you want . Not what some else sells you.

                      So go ahead build your own pc.


                        Also if ure from the UK i found a great card to get, a 9800 which can be modded to 9800 pro speeds

                        u can find it HERE!!!!


                          Well I'm from UK aswell.

                          Although bundles are a little cheaper I find that the fact that bundles usually have a new Windows and that adds enough to the price to make building your own the same or less costwise. Provided you can provide your own Windows...