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[OT] Win XP 64 is a non standard OS

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    ^^^ To save everyone the time, this is the only comment that Mr. Sweeney makes about 64-bit CPU's:

    Freeman: Do you see any benefits of running 64-bit CPUs? Is there any performance benefit?

    Sweeney: Yeah, compiled code runs faster because you have twice as many registers to work with, but also with Unreal Engine 3 we're really pushing the content... we'll be able to use high-resolution textures with more detail in the environment and that'll be a great thing on PC, which is a really scalable platform.


      Thanks to the last two posters. Kind of odd though that people are still talking like UT2007 will require "OUT OF THIS WORLD" specs. Yet, Tim says the 6800 Ultra will run the thing at max at 1024x768. Then he said cards coming out next year will have 4 times the performance. LOL, I wonder if I could even scrap the idea of replacing mobo/cpu/etc in 2007 and just getting a new vid card in 2006. Maybe my Duron 1.8 GHz won't cut it though. :haha:


        You read The Inquirer a lot