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    Originally posted by [TNA] GODS3ND
    Hopefully, they'll wise up & adjust the translocator, too, so team games are more about combat tactics than trick teleporting.
    Actually the TL works fine as is.
    I'd rather have them *slightly* reduce the speed and go back to infinite ammo again. Coupled with the tuned down movement that should pretty much fix CTF entirely.


      "Very concerned"? "Scares the hell" out of you? It "worries you that a handful of people at Epic are going to decide this"?

      You'd think we were talking about safe drinking water for our children, or global warming. The jumping particulars are, frankly, just one of many elements that make UT what it is. Every rumored change is bemoaned by somebody. Everyone seems to want to attribute UT's uniqueness to one particular aspect of its design. It's the shock combos! It's the Flack cannon! It's this or that!

      Even if the movement is significantly different in 2k7, will your current skills be a waste of time? Obviously not, since the future doesn't invalidate the present. You aren't working toward some higher goal here. You're just playing a game.

      Frankly, I'd advise you to not get all ruffled up over this, since what's disturbing you isn't even real, it's your imagination of some future condition. Stop being hyterical. It isn't like you'll have to stop playing 2k4 when 2k7 comes out. I'm sure there'll be a legion of people who won't make the switch, just like in every other new UT game. Stick with 2k4, if you want to.


        Originally posted by [TNA] GODS3ND
        Hopefully, they'll wise up & adjust the translocator, too, so team games are more about combat tactics than trick teleporting.
        No spamlocator, please. If the run speed is upped, I could see the beacon flight distance coming down a bit... but I don't want the old clunker back, that's for sure.

        With the clunker, it wasn't any more about "combat tactics." It was just about leftclickrightclickleftclickrightclick ad nauseam. For my money, the xloc was definitely improved in UE2.


          Originally posted by Sailor_Saturn
          I think UT2003 was a huge huge huge sucess, and was the most fun I've ever had in any game period. Ever. UT2004 leaves me bored, I don't even play it anymore. The feeling is gone. Please Epic, don't nerf the cool factor, don't add more gravity, if you want a sence of gravity, give a sence of less of it. It made 2k3 unique and fun, and gave it replay value by awarding people who practiced those jumps, practiced those mid air comboes, practiced those insta kill mid air goop shots.

          I hope movement and weapon switching/mechanics are more like UT2003, and I hope the gravity allowes for the freedom of 2k3. In the PS3 demo that was shown at E3, the charicters are in a free fall fighting, the human dude grabs his rocket launcher and blows the hell out of the bot mid-air. Your philosophy of more-gravity will make these kinds of fights impossible.
          :heart: :up:

          I played all 3 and Ut2003 was the the most enjoyable. Dumbing down the movement in UT2007 is a poor idea.


            ugh, the transsexual-er...translocator...i always disable it.

            stil looking for a GPU.


              UT grew out from Unreal. From there mods appeared, like dodging moves from the matrix, wall dodging and so on.

              So UT2k3 added many of those features in.

              These are all things that make the game fun.

              I just wonder if there could be a mapping feature that allows setting certain
              movement features on and off for a specified custom level, if it is designed for double jumps or not.

              perhaps a button that that says use custom map movement features.
              UT and UT2k4 designing features are different because of movement.
              I think the option to choose how you want the map to work is a good thing, based for the creative design the mapper puts into the map.

              I think with all the higher detail for UT2k7 that you need to do something that takes advantage of it. Most of the playing your fragging long distance or whatever, but a high detail game you want to stop and enjoy the scenery a bit, well, Unreal did a lot of that you wandered about just looking at cool stuff.

              Often when your in the thick of the game tho, everything is a blur and detail dont mean much.

              So to me figger the movements wisely to fit in.

              but remember, I loved playing lowgrav instagib Face... 8-D


              now that I think about it, like a zone has a gravity setting, it could have a doublejump setting, allow/dissallow, or specify its jump heights.


                dinwitty, one of my favourite BR maps has low gravity so you can double jump some crazy distance between the combat epicenter and the team bases. i cant remember the neame though.


                  Originally posted by [TNA] GODS3ND
                  It will be nice to see the game take a step back toward the original Unreal Tournament experience, with regard to the visual perspective and typical range of combat.

                  I'm sick of shooting at flying ants.

                  Anything that move the game toward the original experience is a good thing.

                  Hopefully, they'll wise up & adjust the translocator, too, so team games are more about combat tactics than trick teleporting.
                  Amen My Brother Amen....