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    UT Movie

    I was sittin here at my desk and this idea crawled into my head.

    What about a UT movie? Computer animated, malcome could be main character, the plot could be somethin like him and his team trying to fight through the tournament. Lots of blood spatter and other violent stuff.

    what ya think? im prolly not the first to think about this.

    considering how bad *** the game is im sure a movie would be kick ***

    Unreal Tournament kicks *** and all, but a movie would suck. UT's all about mindless violence and simple fun. To make it a worthwhile movie to watch would have to change everything that makes Unreal Tournament well... Unreal Tournament.


      i accually had an idea like this a while back. although it would require ALOT of matinee work. instead of just animated like through photoshop, matinee would be the best thing for looks and capabilities.


        Well I think it would go down the path of Mortal Combat.

        Take a kick-*** game with awesome and brutal combat (Back in it's time that is!) and turn it into a movie...and you get watered-down fighting and **** storyline for the masses.

        A UT movie would just simply be too violent (Or not violent enough and too cheesy for us, the players who actually LOVE the game) and **** story. The game already has a almost-not-there storyline, think of what the movie would have. Scary thought, huh?

        I'm gonna have to go with NO on this one. It just wouldn't work out.