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Smooth 3rd person zoom when in vehicle

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    i had an mx700 (cordless version of mx500) and it happened (from memory). I personally didnt find it annoying though. pers it only happens on logitech mice? Just a thought.


      Quick stab in the dark that may help you guys. Several versions of mouseware ago, it had problems registering mousewheel movement in some games because it wasnt using the right protocol to send the messages. The fix was to set the number of scrolled lines to 0, and set a number of lines to scroll in TweakUI which is a Microsoft PowerToy for WinXP. This made winddoze take over and the mouse sent signals in M$ compatible mode, and thus worked better with games and some other apps.

      Logitech has since fixed this problem in an upgrade of mouseware, but I am still using the old tweak since I havent reinstalled, and I have none of that problem you are describing. Maybe try that, and see if it works.

      P.S: "this may be completely irrelevant" warning apply.