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weapon selection and keybind question

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    weapon selection and keybind question

    I am wanting to set my mouse wheel up to scroll through long range weapons when I go up and close range weapons when I go down. I know of several people doing this so I know it can be done.

    Here is what I added to the user.ini file:

    Aliases[#]=(command="Getweapon XWeapons.ShockRifle | getweapon XWeapons.SniperRifle | getweapon UTClassic.ClassicSniperRifle | getweapon XWeapons.AssualtRifle", Alias="LongRange")
    Aliases[#]=(command="Getweapon XWeapons.FlakCannon | getweapon XWeapons.Minigun | getweapon XWeapons.RocketLauncher | getweapon XWeapons.LinkGun | getweapon XWeapons.BioRifle | getweapon XWeapons.AssualtRifle", Alias="CloseRange")


    How come this does not work? It pulls out the AssualtRifle and will not switch to another weapon. I know I can use the pipedswitch think (like pipedswitchweapon 4) but it does not work right for some reason.

    I could give you specific detaills of how to do that, but it requires waaaaaaaay to much effort () especially since you want to cycle through 4 weapons.

    But what you're asking for will be somewhere in here:

    Happy reading

    Maybe someone extremely bored will type it all out for you tho'.


      To the threadstarter: that's just not how it's done.
      If you want to switch to the next weapon in your list every time you hit a button, you need to rebind the key to the next alias in the current alias. The way you're doing it now it will just switch to the last weapon in the list because that's the last command executed.