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Help with a game

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  • Help with a game

    I knows this is off topic but I need help. Just please answer my question.

    In UT 2004 there are many problems with Onslaught Mode, they are:
    1. The radar doesn't show the right colors
    2. Power beams don't show up
    3. Text messages doesn't show up

    How do I fix this?

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    Please post this in the UT forums.


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      Originally posted by The Holy One
      Please post this in the UT forums.
      this is the :noob:Atari Forums > Games > Unreal Tournament 2003/2004 > Troubleshooting & Technology :noob: forum

      if its all messed up you may have to reinstall otherwise you will need to go through all your game ini's files etc to see what is causing the probelm (dont ask)


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        are you running the latest drivers for all your hardware? Got the latest graphics driver from or ?