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Help...skinner with problem FX 5700 Ultra card

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  • Help...skinner with problem FX 5700 Ultra card

    Here's the scoop. I have an Alienware computer 2G w/ 1 G RAM, with Intel motherboard D850MV. I think I had corrupted Windows files, whatever, a tech came and put in a new video card (a BFG GeForce FX 5700 to replace my GeForce Ti 4400)....they also replaced the DVD readwrite.

    I redid the partition and loaded Windows XP Professional onto a clean machine. I upgraded the chipset. I upgraded the BIOS. I upgraded/patched Windows. I reinstalled UT2K3 and Ut2K4.

    Right now I have the 56.72 NVidia driver installed on the video card - BIOS is set at 128 now but the problem is still there with 258...... HERE IS THE PROBLEM...... (please help).........

    The world as I know it is perfectly happy except for one very important thing........

    Complex custom skins! All of the very complex skins I have downloaded (or created) that worked perfectly well with my GeForce Ti 4400 are showing up with a black, completely black, static body skin. The body skins I am talking about carry a 'combiner', ie, they have probably 3 active things going on at once (2 panners +1 shader, 1 panner + 2 shaders etc.....etc....) The heads, that normally do not carry the 'load' of the bodies are perfect (let's say static head and a single panner). On the 'problem' skins, the action on the bodies, panner/shader, are there and active. Problem is......... the action is taking place on a BLACK, COMPLETELY BLACK, static body skin.

    See above......I do complex skins and I can't bear that they cannot be seen (nor created in the future) with this BLACKNESS going on - (see Zephyr on UT2K3HQ for one of mine).

    I sure do hope there is someone out there who can help me. I've asked the best in the business of complex skins, ie. my good friend Dru Tyson......... but we aren't getting a solution.

    PS: Less complex skins are perfecly fine, even if they have 2 actions going at once (panner, shader on perfectly visible static body skin). Here is another interesting fact........ I changed to 'Software' in game and was able to see the static skin and the action on these complex skins. There was just too much mouse lag and miserable graphics to consider this an option.

    Please, please help.

    Thanks from a UT enthusiast who gives skins to the world. I sure do need your help now or it all comes to an end (meaning my pursuit of the best, most complex creation I can come up with.....)

    Tell me,



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      And then.....

      And then there are those who don't know too much (like me) and are just wanting some HELP 101.

      Hiya Dru. Thanks as always for sticking with me - hopefully to a successful END.