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Sound Issue with Creative 5.1 Live!

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  • Sound Issue with Creative 5.1 Live!

    Good day all,

    I was wondering if someone can help me with the following issue's (2 issues to be exact). I've read some threads on this forum concerning similar problems, however none of the suggested solutions seem to work for me. I have a Creative Live! 5.1 Soundcard installed and I am using the latest drivers.

    1) Whenever I put the sound settings on "Hardware 3D + EAX" or "Hardware 3D", the game seems to run properly, however after some time (can be anywhere between 5 seconds and 15 minutes) some of the sounds are so distorted that for example voice chat/explosions/announcer voice are no longer understandable. If I go back to the "settings" and I set the sound to "3D Audio" it's runs properly again.

    2) When I uncheck the "Use default audio driver" checkbox, my UT2004 freezes up. When I terminate it with Ctrl+Alt+Del I even have to manually change the default driver setting in the UT2004.INI before I can even get UT2004 to run again.

    If anyone knows a solution, I would be gratefull to know.

    Happy Fraggin,


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    There ae two ways to fix this, and a third combination as well.

    first, try switching PCI slots for the audio card. Creative cards don't like to share IRQ with anything.

    Second, use the Audigy2 patched drivers. They work fine on your card, and fix many of the problems.

    third, try both of the above at once.

    I used to suffer from the same with my Audigy gamer a while back. Now, I run the Audigy2 drivers and updates, and have moved the card to PCI slot 5 and all issues dissappeared.

    Good Luck!



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      Glory, I have a 5.1 Platinum, did the new Audigy 2 drivers work for you?

      I'm at work, so didn't get a chance to test them.

      The only thing that goes wrong for me is that I can't hear the voice-chat w/ HW+3d


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        The voice chat with EAX bug is affecting a lot of people, including me and I have an Audigy 2. We're just gonna have to wait until Atari release that golden patch we're all waiting for to clear up this issue. It can't be a hardware problem because whenever I use my microphone in other programs it works fine. We're just gonna have to be patient.


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          Has atari ackowledged it as a bug? So I can stop worrying abotu my drivers and stuff?


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            Atari haven't acknowledged much from this forum. They're probably looking, but there are hardly any posts (if any) telling us that they're working on the bugs, which is what everybody is getting pissed off about. I've only seen them (Atari) a few times, but it is definately a game bug because I run EAX and the microphone with no problems in other programs and games. Besides, Creative would've fixed this had it been a hardware problem in their latest batch of drivers out Monday last week.


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              Your probably right, but as far as the Creative Driver fix, they didn't release anything for the 5.1 Live, and I doubt they will anymore.

              And yeah, I understand all the complaints from everyone, but mark my words, if I ever get a gaming company up and running, there WILL be a "On My Radar" and "For the Next Patch" list...



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                Hey Everybody,

                Thanks for all the tips so far. Changing the PCI slot helped partially. Now all I have problems with is the voice chat. So my question: If I download any audigy (1,2, LS, etc.) drivers, the install shield tells me I don't have an Audigy card in my system. Does any of you know were I can get the patched drivers, so that my Live! will accept them?




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                  You could try going to the system hardware properties, and select "update driver", and pick Have Disk and use the drivers from the audigy there.

                  Although now that I think about it, Creative has the drivers bundled up in an EXE.

                  Maybe use Winzip to attempt to open the EXE? I don't know what the new drivers are bundled up with (winzip, Installshield, Vise, etc.)


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                    Hmmm, and could you tell me once again which drivers I am supposed to use? I used the Audigy2 drivers from the creative website, and now I don't have any sound at all.....not even in Windows.


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                      Hmmm, maybe I'll just wait for a patch by Epic, because I hate having my computer freezing up on me because I'm trying to force it to use strange or incompatible drivers. I got my sound back now (phew....) so if any of you guys has done it with the exact same audio-card as me and knows precisly which drivers to use, I'll give it one more go. Otherwise it's just "3D Audio" for me until the proper patch is released. Still I'd like to thank you for your help.




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                        re: sb live 5.1

                        Very, very strange. Before even loading ut2k4 my speaker settings have to be on headphones, then in game I can set my audio to H/W 3D; whereas, if it is set to speakers i can only play with 3D sound. Does anybody perhaps know anything that can help me?? Do I have to get a new sound card? I bought this one three years ago but it cost me something like $250 cdn. I am not going to fork out that kind of dough for another creative piece of crap. Any suggestions?


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                          Major Glory,

                          To use the Audigy2 drivers on any card other than the Audigy2, you need the patch (a 124 kb file) for the driver set, and the FULL drivers from the CD setup disk (156 MB compressed). You just install the patch, and then run the drivers.

                          A search on the internet about converting the Audigy will likely turn up some results. If not, I can E-mail the patch (it's small). You are on your own to find the Audigy2 drivers though. I downloaded mine a while back, but that one site is down this morning, so I don't know if it still is in business. The instructions were borked pretty badly from the source site. In short, you just extract the files to a desktop folder, run the patch, and then go to the audio folder and run setup. It does the rest. With the Audigy, you can install everything, but with the Live! card there were two items that were untested, and thought to not work.