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Stats on dedicated Linux Server, pls help

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  • Stats on dedicated Linux Server, pls help

    We successfully installed a dedicated server on our clan server (linux). Everything is running fine like maprotation and other settings - except one thing: The Stats. We searched everywhere, worked out 4 tutorials from different sources, we know all the settings in the several files what needs to be done or at least what we found and got told. But it just won`t collect stats, in ase it says "Stats: false", in game browser it shows stats are disabled. And we checked on the stats page, they really not get collected. Now we are at stage to give up and build our hopes on another patch, but before we wanna take the chance and ask here, hopefully there is a linux server admin who could help us or give us at least an idea whats wrong with our server. Thx in advance, any help would be much apprechiated.

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    We solved the problem. An extra line


    had to be added to the config-file, and it has to be added manually everytime before starting the server - which is in our opinion a bit of a flapdoodle because it`s already added in the ini file. Never mind, what counts is that it works at the end of the day.