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Possible fix for "lag spikes/pauses" in multiplayer

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    Possible fix for "lag spikes/pauses" in multiplayer

    For those of you who are experiencing "lag spikes/pauses" in multiplayer UT2004, read on for a possible solution. I will emphasise from the beginning that I have had no problems with single player at all.

    What was happening in multiplayer is that I would push the fire button and nothing would happen initially, then after a variable delay (from around 0.5 to 3 seconds) a shot would be fired. The only previous times I have experienced such behaviour have been due to connection/lag issues in internet multiplayer games.

    This problem for me has been solved by one or all of the following (since its working I'm reluctant to change anything back at this stage):

    1. Deleting "cable tweak" changes made to my registry by the CableNut program (mind you when first applied these changes did increase my cable download speed)
    2. Manually allowing net access to ut2004.exe in Norton Firewall (normally a screen pops up the first time I run a program that wants to access the internet, and I select permit at that stage, for some reason this did not happen with UT2004)
    3. Disabling Norton Anti-Virus during gameplay.

    My system specs are as follows:

    P4 3.0GHz
    1.0 Gb Ram (I have had no map loading problems)
    Radeon 9700 Pro
    Audigy 2 ZS (I have found that the game/system is unstable with EAX enabled, so I have Hardware 3d only selected)
    Cable connection

    Anyway if you are running Norton Internet Security and/or have made some tweaks to your cable settings you might want to try the above.

    Hope this helps.

    The reason for spikes and pauses is because the server choked for a second it could be because of packet loss or maybe a bad router there are many things that cause this but not many are client side


      I agree, and this is normally what I would think. However in this situation it was affecting me only within the server (I asked) and on different servers at different times. Since the changes I outlined above it hasn't happened.


        I have the 'lag' feeling when im paying online (IG). I fire my gun and the shot comes out a min later.

        But could you explain to me why changing my CableNut internet settings would benefit my online play. As you mention, CableNut does nothing but improve my/your connection (2555/256).

        I also have Norton disabled, but its still running in my processes. Should I disable them there aswell.

        AMD64 3200 MIS Neo
        R9800 425/355
        1 gig 3200
        Antec TP 550w



          I honestly don't have an explanation for it, but just suggest you try what i've suggested to see if it helps.