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The main reason why a lot of you experience stutters

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    Does windows know how to interleave across multiple spindles/swap files? Or will it use one until it's 'full', and then move on to the next?

    Personally I put my swap file on a non-O/S spindle. I'd consider multiple swap files if the O/S can interleave them. If not, one big swap file on a defragged, dedicated swap partition, on the fastest drive in the system, is the way to go.

    Originally posted by chriski
    as my post says - if you put ur page file over 2 h/drives if you have them this will all go away, one reads one writes.

    made the wworld of differance to me, so put whatever c:'s settings are for d.
    or whatver ur drives called.

    it works - its that simple youl be amazed at the differance in it all.

    not eveyones solution - but this will be a few peoples.