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Matinee Camera Jitter (import from Maya)

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    Matinee Camera Jitter (import from Maya)

    Hi everyone,

    I'm having a problem with importing a FBX camera from Maya into Unreal. Many of my cameras have a very noticeable jitter on the rotations. If you disable the rotations the jitter goes away. If I flatline the green rotation axis in Unreal the jitter goes away.

    I have tried many things to trouble shoot including baking down every frame, reducing keys in Matinee, baking to a bone rig then parenting a camera in Unreal, baking keys with quaternion rotations in Maya and Euler, exporting from different software (different Maya versios, 3DS Max, MotionBuilder), tried different FBX versions (2011 - 2014). Everything I can possibly think of.

    It is not a viewport glitch or delay either. When rending out, even when clamping to 30 fps it still jitters.

    Opening the exported camera back into Maya is smooth. It seems to be a way Unreal 3 converts/compresses/or interprets some keys. Unreal 4 has no issues and is completely smooth. I have tested on multiple version of Unreal 3 too.

    It happens with almost every camera too, not just the occasional one.

    I can't possibly be the only person who has experienced this and feel like there must be something simple I am missing.

    Here is a link to the file that jitters. Import it into Unreal 3 Matinee and place something like a cube in front of the camera. It jitters quite noticeably towards the end, about frame 300 onwards.\

    Any help would be awesome. Also confirming I must use Unreal 3. Unreal 4 is not an option for this.