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UT2004 Help, slow load times, adrenaline combos etc (Unofficial Help)

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    UT2004 Help, slow load times, adrenaline combos etc (Unofficial Help)

    Please Note, this is NOT official tech support, and the suggestions in this thread are not endorsed by Atari or Epic Games, use at your own risk! If you seek official help you can find it here!

    Information to do with UT2004 :

    whats the difference between UT2004 and UT2004 Special Edition?

    SE has some mod/mapping training videos on the second dvd. The SE also comes with a head set, metal box and also some stickers. The SE is a limited edition.

    How do I join a server my friend has hosted?

    Firstly your friend must have all the correct ports opened (7777 UDP). Now find out what your friends IP is, you can ask him to go to windws > run > cmd > and type ipconfig. You will then have his IP, ask which port the friend will be hosting on. Now load up UT2004, in console type (console can be opened by the tilde key which is above tab ` or the ' key, which is the same key as @ ).


    Where xxx is the IP and pppp is the port number. If the correct ports are not opened you will not be able to join the server.

    Go to for more information.

    UT2004 takes ages to load a level :

    Preload Skin option can be the cause:

    Having this set to the default option often increases load times by a lot, even with 1 GB of RAM sometimes it is worth disabling it.

    The checkbox should be without a cross.

    Defragmenting after install also helps.

    Making UT2004 run faster:

    Disabling reduce mouse lag gives a massive FPS boost, it is worth doing if you feel there is no difference in gameplay other than a higher FPS.

    Weather Effects can be disabled (this helps alot to increase FPS)

    Fog distance in the 'Display' tab can be reduced. Doing these thing's wont alter image quality much but you will notice a performance increase.

    Decal stay, Physics Detail and Dynamic Mesh LOD can be set to Low.

    Character Shadows can be set to None or Blob , this also helps alot to gain extra FPS.

    Chracter Detail does not have to be set to the highest value, it drains system performance and is not needed, I set mine to 'Normal'. As long as Texture Detail, World Detail, Resolution, AA and AF are set quite high, the game will look good. For people with poor graphics cards it is worth disabling Anti Alising, this will be in your drivers options (read through graphics card manual) .

    I do not sugguest using bright skins to increase performance, you will get to reliant on them and at the moment they are a clientside hack, which means anyone who is not running them does not see you as well as you see them. Wait for a proper bright skin mutator to come out.

    I wrote a .bat file in notepad (which kills programs while UT2004 is running and they open again when it is closed). To do this open up notepad and write

    taskkill /F /IM explorer.exe 
    taskkill /F /IM type32.exe 
    start /wait C:\games\UT2004\System\UT2004.exe 
    start C:\Windows\explorer.exe 
    start C:\Games\UT2004\System\type32
    Type32 doesn't need to be used when I play, it is a driver program for my keyboard. Some people won't have it so don't add it if so. Edit the file directory , some people don't install their games to a C:\games folder. When you have done this you can save as a .bat in the UT folder, now make a shortcut of it and place it where you want. You can then change the icon of the shortcut (right click > properties etc). Now when you double click the shortcut it will kill explorer and whatever programs you have asked to be killed. When you exit UT2004, explorer will come back.

    Typing 'preferences' in UT's console will allow you to alter the configuration of the game, this is usefull if you want to disable certain things.

    My FPS doesn’t go higher than 90 online:

    This is because the FPS is capped at 90, currently there is nothing you can do about it.

    Basic Key setup (go through the user.ini and ut2004.ini files in the system folder, these can be opened in notepad) :

    I have my keys arranged to ESDF instead of the default WASD. The idea of this is so that I have more keys around my movement keys which I set as binds to switch weapons.

    Setting up mouse speeds:

    Usually it is better to have a slower mouse speed rather than a fast one, when I set up my mouse I set my mouse mat so it was horizontal then from one end of the pad (about 20CM) to the other, the player would turn 180 Degrees. Shock rifles , Lightning gun, and sometimes Minigun require a slow mouse speed, however guns like Flak Cannon, Rockets and Bio Rifle, require a faster setting.

    How to set up piped binds :

    Key=pipedswitchweapon # | pipedswitchweapon #
    Key would be the key number so example “A=” .
    # = Weapon number. In the user.ini you should be left with some code like this

    “A=pipedswitchweapon 9|pipedswitchweapon 4
    C=pipedswitchweapon 7|pipedswitchweapon 5
    G=pipedswitchweapon 6|pipedswitchweapon 3

    I set up the left and right square brackets as follows :

    “LeftBracket=pipedswitchweapon 7 | pipedswitchweapon 5

    RightBracket=switchToBestWeapon|pipedswitchweapon 8”
    I did this so that I could set the thumb buttons on my Intellimouse as left and right square brackets. It will look like this:

    The middle button was set to “MiddleMouse=pipedswitchweapon 4” , this would then switch to shock rifle. A which is “A=pipedswitchweapon 9|pipedswitchweapon 4” switches between Shock Rifle and Lightning gun. This is useful for when you want to quickly change guns you just tap the A key again, which is directly to the left of the strafe left key.

    For the Shock rifle I put in the information “[XWeapons.ShockRifle]
    CustomCrossHairTextureName=Crosshairs.HUD.Crosshai r_Dot” the crosshair is then a red dot. The idea of this is so that when I try to do a shock combo, the red dot shows up on the shock core, where as with the white dot, you can’t see it. I set up a similar thing for each gun, just with a different colour crosshair, this also helps me to know which gun I am using. Gun display I have turned off too save space on the screen and it seems to have an effect on my aim.

    Is it possible to record a match? Why are demo play backs so jerky?

    Yes with UT2004 Demo record function it is possible, however this only works in the full game. To record yourself play which is known as a demo, open console and type

    Demorec Filename

    You will find that demos play back at 30 FPS and this is jerky , go through the UT2004.ini and find the settings

    Change this to


    To play the demo go to the community option in UT2004 and click demos.

    To show FPS type stat fps in console

    Pickups, Adrenaline Combos and complex moves:

    Adrenaline Combos:

    This question is frequently asked on the forum “Adrenaline Moves”
    Keep in mind that you have to press these key combos quickly.

    Speed (makes you run faster): Forward , Forward , Forward , Forward
    Booster (gives health) : Back , Back , Back , Back
    Invisible (does what it says) : Right , Right , Left , Left
    Berserk (makes weapons shoot faster) : Forward , Forward , Back , Back
    Camouflage (does what it says) : Left , Left , Left , Left (Requires a mutator)
    Pint Sized (makes your head smaller) : Right , Right , Right , Right (Requires a mutator)

    Getting up ramps in DM Rankin:

    Learning this is quite useful for other maps, it is very easy to do once you know how. Create a new server so no one interrupts you then run facing 90 degress from the ramp, side step to the right (or left if the ramp is on the left), quickly, to boost dodge, then hit jump and you will get up.


    The pickups like Amp and Armour etc spawn around every half minute and every minute, it is useful to time these things.

    Cheating in Single Player:

    If you cheat in single player you will no longer be able to access the hidden Characters.

    There is a search button on the forum at the top right, it is worth using and also reading THIS can be worthwhile.

    How to add buddys :

    Go to the join server meny, click a random server with people in it. At the bottom right hand corner of the screen, right click a player and add to buddy list, you can then edit that name to the name of your buddy which you wish to add.

    Problems when searching for servers :

    As the game is new the master server somtimes doesn't respond, this being the case you don't get to view the available games to join. You can download (the all seeing eye) which shows you a list of UT2004 servers. This is useful, it has filters too.

    Some videos worth downloading:
    Videos from Special_K , tropic and Azzures seem the best.

    Internet Relay Chat:

    Download mIRC ( ) it might need registering I'm not sure. Install it then download NN script which can be found at , install NNscript into the mirc folder. Setup irc in the Tools>Options> connect - options. You will need to add a server called

    Now go to NoNameScript at top, click setup. Settings->AutoConnect click the arrow pointing to the right then click Quakenet server which you made. Click Q (Qnet) Auth automatically and Hide hostmask, you might want to Auth with Q later on. Now click ok.

    Go to tools>options>connect-options>perform, click enable perform on connect. Network, click Quakenet, if it isn't there click add. Now in Perform Commands type

    /join #planet-ng
    /join #ut2k4-cup
    /join #ut2004
    /join #un1ty
    /join #utleague.pickup
    /join #team.eso
    /join #lifestyle

    (these are just a few of the available channels, I notice alot of people visit #ut2004)

    Make sure your name is filled in, in the connect folder click ok.

    go to the channels folder (has a green arrow going down). If it is ticked, untick pop up favourites on connect. Click ok.

    Close the program , open it again.

    Now it should join the server and lots of channels, you can then people for help in #ut2004 which is the main channel I talk in. In #ut2004 you will be able to get pick up games. If you want a 2vs2 type !add 2v2 in the channel window and wait for a team to type !add 2v2, when 4 people have done this you will be given a server and an IP to play in.

    NN Script can load ut2004 (and other games) by double clicking the IP, but you have to set this up. To set this up you click No Name Script, Games, game 1, then in game name Type UT2004. Away nick (is your name when you are in game, you can leave this as it is).

    Game path "C:\program files\UT2004\System\UT2004.exe"

    Commandline, on the right box click UT/UT2003/AA. Click ok then you are set, to join a server double click the IP then Click UT2004.

    Can you post a how to on voice chat, bot communication, etc?


      PM me what you need to know and I will try and put it up there.


        THX man thats alot of help :P



          even faster loading

          more tips on getting even faster loading times are found in my post :

          there are also som others tips får ppl with GPFs and those tiny hiches during gameplay


            Re: UT2004 Help, slow load times, adrenaline combos etc (Unofficial Help)

            Originally posted by .InSanE.
            My FPS doesn’t go higher than 90 online:

            This is because the FPS is capped at 90, currently there is nothing you can do about it.
            I've pushed well over 90 fps. In fact I've passed 150/160 fps a few times?


              me too..
              150-160 is my record avg i think..
              but only in non teamgame modes

              by the way sp2 for xp rocks get it now


                Online you havn't gone past 90. Well you shouldn't have anyway.
                Originally posted by BlueViper85
                I've pushed well over 90 fps. In fact I've passed 150/160 fps a few times?
                Single player I get 300 at times, not online though, it's capped.


                  how do you join servers that are hosted by other people. for instance if my friend and i decide to play ut2004, and he host's the game, how would i be able to join his game? i have tried looking for him in the server list.

                  (he has advertise server checked and he has a different servername other that ut2004 server, which is the default.)


                    Edited first post, it is there now...


                      thanks InSanE! much appreciated info! :up:


                        I added some other stuff "Making UT2004 run faster:"

                        Originally posted by PristineSmut
                        thanks InSanE! much appreciated info! :up:

                        You're welcome


                          for the slow loading i have this proggy which works for now. its called RAM def XT and his this little option (Conservative swap file usage) which basically means that it should do most in RAM which brought the loading time down to around 10 sec.

                          testing some more now dunno if its any good. but loading went from 1 min to 10 sec so worth trying i guess



                            i went thru UT2004.ini and User.ini and there is no line "bAutoDemoRec". what is it under?