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Surface Property window alignment

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    Surface Property window alignment

    Hi folks,

    So I've been a massive fan of the UT franchise, and have been working in the editor since the first stable release of Unreal 1 back in the day. Recently I've picked up an Issue with UnrealEd 2.0 and the surface properties window. Now I've been searching on the net to find out if anyone else had this issue, and if there is a way to resolve it, as it renders this window completely useless. Whenever I start UT2004's editor (UnrealEd 2.0), and I open the surface properties window, the window is all messed up. Below is an image to illustrate what is happening with the window, and it also appears to happen at random times, as of recently, it has been happening more so that not.

    Tested compatibility mode, as well as restarting UnrealEd, and the problem still persists.

    Don't know how to fix this, as I can't set any surface properties if the buttons get cut off or the options are overlapping each other. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    System Specifications:

    OS: Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate
    CPU: FX8320 3.5ghz AMD Eight Core
    RAM: 16gb DDR3
    Graphics: GTX 660TI 2gb


    I don't see an image but judging from your description you have the same problem like described here:

    I posted a fix for that at the end of that thread.


      Hi Baryonyx,

      Thanks a ton, will test out your solution! Odd that the image doesn't display for you though. :\


      Huzzah! Thank you, it seems to be working, as the value you changed to 100, mine was randomizing between values, 25k to 33k for some reason.